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During the holidays there's always an increase in package delivery. Unfortunately what has come to be known as porch pirates also increases. National Package Protection Day the Wednesday after Thanksgiving is a day set aside to remind us to protect our homes against package theft, which becomes more and more prevalent during the holidays.

The internet has made it easier to find deals and have packages shipped straight to our homes. But this has also made it easier for thieves to snatch our deliveries right from our doorsteps. Cyber Monday, in particular, is a big online shopping day where most purchases are shipped directly to the buyer’s home.

With the advent of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there became a need for a day that raises awareness of package theft and helps homeowners protect themselves against thieves. And just like that, Package Protection Day was born.

HOW TO OBSERVE #PackageProtectionDay

Spread the word throughout your neighborhood about protecting packages and deliveries. Help your community be alert during the holidays. Whether you’re home or away, protect your packages and more.

And share your PackageProtection stories and tips using #PackageProtectionDay and #alwayshome on social media.

NATIONAL PACKAGE PROTECTION DAY HISTORY founded National Package Protection Day in 2016 to alert citizens to protect their valuable purchases, especially during the high-traffic holiday season.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar® proclaimed the awareness day to be observed the Wednesday after Thanksgiving annually.

The Organ Pipes of the Soul: A Theodicy of Love and Reincarnation in a Desperate Afterlife

by Robert Springer

Arthur washes up on the Waking Shore, a place in the afterlife where the recently departed who lose their memories of life wake and begin to piece together memories of how they lived in various incarnations, with special attention paid to the most recent. He discovers through a series of stops and adventures that he had lived thirty lifetimes and that the thirty-first was cut short when he went off to war. He also discovered that in his in-between times here, he has created many wonderful things and stations but something has gone wrong. The afterlife concept in itself is spiraling and Arthur realizes he must fix it so people can decide whether they will reincarnate, or "go home".

Bruno is Arthur's faithful dog, with him many times. Early in the book he remembers Elle, a pianist he loved in each of the thirty lives but only met and married in the thirty-first. It didn't last, but the pain of the failed relationship did. There are revolutionaries too; those opposed to reincarnation. There are monsters out of literature because there's a Library and a Storyteller who can make them come to life. Coyote is a female marine killed in battle who has a hole in her chest but discovers she has the most heart, despite a loveless life. There are so many rich characters and events, but the novel never slows down and becomes a 500+ page-turner. Will Arthur and Elle finally be together? Will the afterlife problems get sorted? I kept wondering what Organ Pipes of the Soul would be like as an Anime Series and certainly hope one might be in it's future because there are so many concepts and truths presented in the book Mr. Springer wrote that are wise as well as very entertaining and action packed. Read it once for the story. Read it several more times just because each time wil;l show you even more. I can't recommend it enough.

A Slight Case of Death (The Tony Mandolin Mysteries Book 1) by Robert Lee Beers

Tony Mandolin is a private detective in modern day San Francisco but he might as well be from the Sam Spade era. There's been a peculiar murder of a red-headed socialite which turns into more murders of more redheads all made to look like drug overdoses. Are they?

A wealthy man and a crime boss want the mystery solved without the police. It's typical pulp fare and well written, but then there is an unusual salt vampire as a suspect. Tony brings a gender fluid friend and a gang of hard partying pixies to join him to help solve this classic-with-a-twist who dunnit. I loved it. This is my first Tony Mandolin story. It won't be my last.

Fireball Whiskey (Fireball Whiskey series Book 1) Kindle Edition

by Robin Rance Two unhappy people trapped in loveless marriages meet at a bar. Both are drinking to escape and find each other. The magic that happens between Merci and Ryan is right for the moment but not right in the long run. It's a bittersweet story of setting oneself free and reevaluating bad situations.

Sometimes it's not that easy. This is a romantic one-evening read and a first in a four book series about two lovers who keep finding each other in all the wrong situations. Very enjoyable.







Crash My Soul: An Endangered Mates Novel #2 Kindle Edition November 18, 2020

by Payne Craven (Author)

Love Hard. Stay Strong. Save Them. Endangered Mates. Deja Hyde is the only pygmy hippo shifter she has ever heard of. Born into a group of full-sized hippo shifters, she has always felt like she does not belong. When she turned 18, she left her family and went to Seattle for college. Now age twenty-five, she is the event coordinator at the Fremont Foundry. Who knew going to a wedding would put her love life into the hands of Jaime Fierce? And boy does the matchmaker have plans for Deja. Two very hunky plans that is. Xavier Montgomery, a giraffe shifter and Cyrus Weber a lowland gorilla shifter have loved each other since they were teens. They have hidden their relationship from their crew because they are waiting for their third. A special woman who can handle two big and strong men that will spoil and love her. Jaime sinks his teeth into them and tells them they will meet their mate very soon. They cannot wait. Unfortunately, a poacher is skulking around. He has his eyes set on the two newest members of the crew, twin babies Atticus and Abrielle. Deja, Cyrus, and Xavier’s love is put to the test when they are sent on a manhunt. Will they rescue the babies in time, or will their love fail when the babies become another notch in the poacher’s belt?

Sweet Arrival / Fallen Blood (The Fallen Cross Legion Book 4) Kindle Edition

by Aliya DalRae (Author) Format: Kindle Edition

A Vampire family... An Evil Seer... A longing that can't be denied... Life is good for Vampire Legion Warrior Raven and his mate, Jessica. They've overcome their issues, and little Izzie will be in their arms before they know it. Nothing can ruin the life they've built. Except, perhaps, a great-great-whatever grandmother finally growing a set of maternal instincts. Victoria, Seer to the Primeval and ultimate thorn in Raven and Jessica's sides, is in Fallen Cross at the behest of the Sorcerer, Ulrich Fuhrmann. It's a simple matter of gathering information on Fuhrmann's enemies, Raven & his twin, and moving on. But when someone reaches out to her through the familial bond, Victoria finds herself desperate for a child she has no rights to. Jessica and Raven will fight to save the happiness they've earned. But sometimes family cannot be redeemed. *This novel is a crossover between the Jessica Sweet Trilogy and the Fallen Cross Legion series. Reading the JST is not required but doing so will enhance your reading experience.

Purrfectly Naughty: Paranormal Dating Agency (A Maverick Pride Tale Book 5) Kindle Edition

by C.D. Gorri (Author) 11-27-20

Pamela has turned her life around for the sake of her son and the Pride, but is this Tigress ready for more than one night of naughtiness? Pamela Brown is a Tigress with one singular focus, to provide her cub with the best life possible. She’s worked hard to mend her past mistakes and to forge relationships with the members of the small, but strong Maverick Pride. Imagine her surprise when the Nari chooses her to represent them at Gerri Wilder’s annual holiday gala. Javier Auberon is an Andean Bear Shifter who’s recently moved to the states from his South American home. Spending the holidays with his favorite honorary aunt, the owner of the renowned Paranormal Dating Agency, Gerri Wilder, is a no-brainer. Javi’s Aunt Gerri has been trying to get him to use her services forever, but he had no idea she’d arranged for his fated mate to be at her famous holiday party. Can this Bear Shifter make all of Pamela’s Christmas wishes come true? Find out in Purrfectly Naughty.

The Promise Of Spring

by Robin Rance (Author) 11/27/20

Editorial Reviews

From the Author

After learning a good friend, and a friend to many Indie Authors, killed herself after being bullied, I had to write this story. It's dedicated to her. Susan, you are missed, and loved. Soar with the angels.

From the Inside Flap

"Have a good night, Poppy. I'll see you in the morning." I had to get away from the girl. After I'd seen her smile and heard the gentleness in her voice when she directed it toward me, something changed. I was right about her. She was scared to death. Someone had hurt that girl--bad if I had to guess. She wasn't used to anyone showing her kindness, and now that I was sure of it, I would be hard-pressed not to act indifferently toward her. But I had to. I was her employer, and she was just another employee. But the sadness in those brilliant green eyes of hers haunted me all the way back to my house. * I thought about Poppy as I prepared myself for sleep. She was probably like all the others. Once she had what she wanted from me, she'd turn a cold shoulder toward me and forget about all the help I'd given her. I'd stick with my earlier assumptions. Women were all cheaters, liars, and users, and it was best if I remembered that. Give her a chance; she's different. I'd heard that said about Monica before we went out. I had a lot on my mind. I was tired, and I was angry with myself for trusting every woman I'd gotten close to. I didn't need the heartache women brought me. I was a nice guy, too friendly if you asked James. Monica was my latest relationship failure in a long line of others. Perhaps my standards were too high. But I wasn't settling for anything less than what my parents had. As I brushed my teeth, I examined my face. My eyes were my best feature. I had great eyebrows and large eyes. They were light blue, with a darker ring around the outside, and my eyelashes were longer than most girls I knew. When I was younger, I'd thought about cutting them because I was teased so much. Now I was glad that I hadn't.

From the Back Cover

He turned back on his side and stared at me. Then his hand tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, and he cupped my chin. My heart started pounding, and I held my breath. I saw something in his eyes that frightened me.

"Brigham, you're scaring me." "That's not what I wanted to do at all, Poppy. I don't want you to be afraid of me, I've told you that time and time again, and I think I've proved it on this journey of ours. "Poppy, I want to wake up every morning just like this,with my arms wrapped around you, holding you tight against me. Then I want to kiss you good morning and make love to you until neither one of us can walk." "Stop. I don't want to hear this." "Why? Answer me?" He hadn't raised his voice to me; instead, I heard the torment in his voice. "Because I'm afraid."

Shatter Heart: A Dark Regency Novella (His Mortal Demoness Book 4) Kindle Edition

by Andrea B. Lamoureux

The Queen of Demons never knew she could love. Maybe it would’ve been better if she didn’t have a heart to begin with. Someone in the mortal realm has been vanquishing demons. As ruler of the underworld, Tartara needs to find out who it is and how they are possibly killing creatures that are immortal. But when she disguises herself as the kind and innocent Lady Sarah Cinder, she finds herself deeper in trouble than she ever imagined. Now, the demon queen will have to deal with matters of the heart. Something she could never have prepared for. Lord Theodore Lovell has been hunting demons ever since he discovered one was responsible for his wife’s death. He’s had success ever since a powerful god had his servant angels enchant a weapon for him. Lord Lovell believes this is the way to make life safer for his daughter. That is until he meets the lovely Lady Cinder. Now, he wonders if having another woman around the house would do both him and his little girl good. But is Lady Cinder really the woman he thinks she is? In this prequel novella to the His Mortal Demoness series, find out what happens when a demon queen and a demon hunter’s hearts intertwine in a dark regency paranormal tale. *Please note this book is available for free to Andrea B. Lamoureux's newsletter subscribers.

A Christmas Twist: A Twist in Time Book II Kindle Edition

by Brent A. Harris (Author)

Book 2 of 2: A Twist in Time


Spirits, wronged by the greed of the living, descend on London. As Oliver Twist races across time to stop them, Nell Trent seeks revenge against the man who killed her: Ebenezer Scrooge. Can Oliver change the future or will the city succumb to vengeance? If you think you know this Christmas Carol, you're in for a Twist!


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