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National Irish Coffee Day kicks off January 25th each year with a mug of strong coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and topped with a layer of cream. (reprinted from National Calendar Day)

On a cold, wet day in 1942 weary travelers to the small Shannon Airport in southwest Ireland found their way to a restaurant and chef Joe Sheridan. To warm his guests, he served them hot coffee, spiked with whiskey and topped with whipped cream. The passengers asked if the beverage was Brazilian coffee. Sheridan responded that it was Irish coffee. A travel writer, Stanton Delaplane, brought Irish coffee to the United States after having it at Shannon Airport.

Delaplane brought the idea to the Buena Vista Cafe on November 10, 1952. After much trial and error, sampling, and a trip back to Ireland for a taste of the original, Delaplane, along with Buena Vista owners Jack Koeppler and George Freeberg, were able to replicate the delicious coffee and the method for floating the cream on top of the coffee.

How to Make an Authentic Irish Coffee

Starting with a warm glass, fill 2/3rds full of freshly brewed coffee. Stir in a heaping teaspoon of sugar. Add 1 ounce of Irish whiskey.

Adding the cream, so it floats is the tricky part. According to the Buena Vista account, and at the suggestion of San Francisco’s mayor, a dairyman, cream that is 48 hours old, is best. However, others recommend whipping cream (not whipped cream) that has been lightly whipped or foamed.

When the coffee has stopped swirling from stirring in the sugar, pour the foamy cream over the back of a spoon.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalIrishCoffeeDay

Warm up with an Irish coffee. Use #NationalIrishCoffeeDay to post on social media.


National Day Calendar continues researching the origins of this hot beverage celebration. While we do, we hope you’ll enjoy a mug with a friend or two.

Vision and growth. I’m certain all of us have come to moments in our lives when patterns and beliefs no longer serve us and may have even trapped us, whether lifestyle, relationships, religion or lack thereof, or political leanings. If we are young adults, maybe it’s just that we grew up and realized a wider world than the one our parents or society of a different era taught us. We look forward to finishing school and getting a job. Some of us think about (or even fantasize about) what house, what partner or what career we will have.

When I was young, I thought I would be a nun, but I also wanted to be a trapeze artist and adventurer on the high seas – ideas inspired by movies and people in my life. Modification led me to become spiritual rather than religious, outgoing rather than cloistered. My adventures were in mt head as I began to write. As we approach middle years we sometimes look back at roads not taken; in the lingo of Children of Stone the petal in the Flower of Life not picked and wonder what if? Most of us had to modify or discard entirely our previous dreams. We now have new visions, not all positive because in our culture aging is still worrisome. I thought I would resemble my paternal grandmother by the year 2000 but at 52 that year I was nowhere near looking elderly in floral print dresses and cozy sweaters. I was in jeans, t-shirts and workouts and 20 years later I still am.

Visions change. It’s important. How many of us have known people who got “stuck” or believed a conspiracy or lived a life that was respected and expected by others but was not a good fit. Visionary Fiction shows that evolution and that journey. Antagonists re-evaluate and become heroes. Heroes lose their way in literature and in life. We see that all the time. I like the Merton quote. In Children of Stone, two antagonists change. A third cannot Wserkaf is a prince born to privilege and on track to become high priest of Djehuti. He is disciplined and somewhat ruthless but evolves. Another, Maatkare Raemkai is indulged and spoiled, also groomed to be a pitiless leader of men and in fact one day king. A series of events cause his evolution into a man of power totally controlled by another. Hordjedtef, can't change and still clings to his youthful dream of absolute power by any means necessary. Naibe, a heroine who changes, at first seems weak in character, albeit seductive but blossoms into a positive force to be reckoned with. The positive side of the Covid pandemic gave some of us needed breathing, and re-evaluating space. In my WIP “The Figment” my first ever standard romance (with a touch of visionary element) Jinn Medlin was a successful wealthy man’s mistress who realized her dreams of marriage to him were a joke and set out to re-evaluate her life by running away. Personal change, vision and growth. What life is about.

Dragonverse: The Adventure Begins Kindle Edition

by Doug Farren

A story of a young man, Terry Cashington, who discovers his uncle's tales of dragons were actually true. Two universes one human and one populated with dragons and all sorts of fantasy creatures are linked. Each human has a dragon, but many never connect. Terry realizes he can connect and not only meet but travel to the dragonverse to meet his dragon Glahmelia. The story unfolds from there as Terry learns to use powers he realizes he now has. He quickly adapts and learns to help defend his newly discovered world when they need him most. A good read for lovers of dragon fantasy.

Druid's Portal: The First Journey Kindle Edition

by Cindy Tomamichel Here is a beautifully written time-travel romance: a story of a modern day young archaeologist, Janet, who has always wondered about a stone in Hadrian's wall with her name carved on it in Roman letters. After the breakup of her engagement and a break-in at her small museum near the wall, she has dreams of a Roman soldier lying near death at the wall. On Samhain at a costume party, the pendant she is wearing activates and she is suddenly in Roman Britain. There, she meets the Roman. They band together to help each other. She wants to find a time traveling thief and to somehow prevent Trajan, the Roman's death. As their relationship develops she realizes the truth of Trajan's quote from the book. "History may be just bones and ruins to you, but it is people, Janet. People loving, hurting, and dying.” The story picks up speed and moves at a page turning pace because there's a time liomit on how long she can stay. When the moment comes, will she be able to leave? If she does, will they ever be together again or will centuries separate them? Excellent in every way.


Acceptance of Love

Kindle Edition

by James Eric (Author) 1-13-21

sensual expression and devotion to the expression of love

Alyx: An AI's Guide to Love and Murder

Kindle Edition

by Brent Harris 1-23-21

What if your home wanted you dead? Tech-loving teen Christine makes fast friends with her home's AI, Alyx. But when a real-world romance threatens their bond, Alyx turns from friend to foe.

Only You (Dreamers Book 2)

by J. Haney(Author)Format: Kindle Edition

Book 2 of 2: Dreamers

Not all dreams come true. It’s been eight years since that blissful summer on Amity Isle. They had plans, vows had been made. Dreams were shattered when he didn’t come back. Hazel has never forgotten the boy, who left her with a daily reminder of the love she thought they shared. What will happen when they come face to face once more and he confesses his reasons? Professes his love? Will old hurts keep them apart or will fate step in and show that some dreams are worth the wait?


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