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How to tap into your intuition.

Sometimes you just know or sense something is out of alignment or when it's "just right". Researchers no longer dismiss the idea of it existing and have even studied how it works.

A person picks up on sensory "cues" and makes decisions thart may not even consciously register. At Leeds University Scientists discovered that the brain has two operation systems: a quick one which works on instinct and a second more analytical one. Participants in a study involving two decks of playing cards, after using both decks in games were able to "know" which deck was rigged .

In the same manner, scientist now believe instinct can be trained and developed.

Sharpening Your Intuition

Shhh. Listen. When you start to take notice, good things will happen. Just try it and see.

Trust your gut feeling. Feel. Be ready to let bad feelings go.

Be deliberate about the people you hang on to. People who drain you will add to the noise and make it more difficult to hear what your intuition wants you to hear.

Chances are that you already know how they are.

If not, be still for a moment – your intuition will be trying to tell you.

Keep people who enrich and empower you and walk away from those who drain you.

Pay attention to what’s going on around you. The more information you are able to gather from the environment, the more the intuitive, subconscious part of your brain has to work with – and the more accurately it will inform your decisions.

Connect with others. There are so many things that inform our opinions and decisions other than speech. Tone, volume of speech, body language, gestures – they all contribute to the meaning we give to our interactions with people. Sometimes, we have a feeling about people but can’t quite put a finger on what it is. People might seem distant, distracted, uninterested, and often these aren’t spoken but are ‘picked up’ through in different ways. The ability to pick up on the thoughts, feelings and intentions of others is referred to as ‘empathic accuracy’. The more time we spend with people, the more we can finely tune or empathic accuracy.

Find time to be silent and still. Having solitude turns down the clamour of the world and allows you to tune in to your intuition. Our intuition is always sending warnings and encouragement but often we are too busy to notice. Let your mind wander and be open to what comes to you – feelings, thoughts or words. One of the ways to do this is through mindfulness.

Use your dream time well. Dreams are the brain’s way of processing information that’s left over from the day. Paying attention to dreams can provide information that we may not have access due when we are awake. Before you fall asleep, turn your thoughts to any unresolved issues or problems. Think about possible options or resolutions as you’re falling asleep. Close your eyes and let your brain do the rest.

But of course …

Intuition is powerful and can lead to amazing insights, but that doesn’t mean you follow it blindly. It’s still important to use common sense and a balance of rationality. You need a balance of both – call into play both the intuitive and rational parts of the brain to position yourself to reach the best decisions.

I'd love to see you at a signing. Covid 19's woes seem to be easing for now. Many authors are now signing up to be present at Meet and Greet events. If everything goes well I will be here" Cleveland, OH

Ann Arbor, MI

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Meet me at the show!

TEASERS Did you like Voices In Crystal? Reviewers agree Going Forth by Day is even better. Their new powers blocked, Ariennu, Deka and Naibe have been detained, while the priests arrange their fate. WHAT WILL BECOME OF THEM? Find out - Start the series with Bk 1 Voices in Crystal and continue with Going Forth By Day. Both FREE with KDP. #visionaryfiction #historicalfantasy #ancientegypt

He was a demon cursed and compelled to haunt a staircase in an abandoned and tired old mansion which he had once called home. One day he realized he was not alone. Raemkai's Stairs Kindle Edition

by Mary R. Woldering (Author), Mara Reitsma (Illustrator), & Thomas Woldering (Editor)

What became of the bad boy shifter/sorcerer/prince in Children of Stone? We caught up with him in 1970

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Stanley Duncan's Robot. The blurb and Amazon page reads: "A slow-paced sci-fi novel exploring the tension between Stanley Duncan, a man who has purchased and upgraded a cyborg to beyond human-level intelligence, and his cyborg as they venture out of seclusion into an AI-hating world, touching on moral and spiritual issues of free will and consciousness." Live-streaming a cyborg was a terrible idea. Ever since the Great Layoff of 2030, the police have led a war against artificial intelligence. AI replaced nearly all human jobs—and mankind snapped. Riots tore apart cities, suicides claimed whole families. Civil war seemed inevitable until a strange new drug pacified the nation. When Stanley Duncan let his cyborg livestream at a local supermarket, he unknowingly invited war to his door. Stanley came from a troubled past. Half-insane from years of self-imposed sequestration, he couldn’t bare the loneliness anymore. After purchasing a lab-grown cyborg, he programmed it to surpass human intelligence. As their relationship grew, Stanley rediscovered what it means to love another. All seemed well until his newfound companion ventured beyond the safety of the condo.

My Review

I purchased this book as soon as it was available because I was aiming to fulfill a Christmas exchange. What I found when I finally had time to read it ended up being a page-turning delight.

One of the fears humanity has about growing AI is becoming part of a world where AI does everything and humans literally don't need to work any more.

Stanley Duncan's Robot is set in that sort of world. Humans, however, have not adapted. In the Utopian scenario, humans, freed from wealth-chasing and drudgery would be free to enrich themselves through arts, music, discovery and more, but they haven't. They have idled without purpose and that's led to factions wanting to destroy the machines whether they are simple circuits or complex and very humanoid cyborgs, such as Dan, whom Stanley created to help him with a project called Machines with Dreams. Other humans, overwhelmed by idleness have become depressed and have taken to consuming a highly addictive mood-elevator called Fuse which at first makes one "happy" and very quickly makes one so dependent the user undertakes a slow suicide of being hooked up to an IV of the stuff and "blissed out" in a Fuse farm bed. As the story opens Stanley is improving the sentient and self-aware skills of Dan. We are also introduced to other characters both human and machine whose lives become involved with each other. Once Dan is aware of the project, he rebels as any teenager might, wanting to go out in the world and combat the evils he's been taught to fear (a reason why Stanley is agoraphobic and has stayed in his condo for years) Dan does get out and encourages Stanley to get over his fear to "live stream" their project ideas to the public and to teach them that humans really can work with machines. But enemies of AI and the world it has created are also watching and making plans. At first I had some difficulty with the story, not so much because of the pacing, but because I didn't see how the wide variety of humans and AI related to each other or how everything was going to come together. A few chapters in it did and became a book I would really recommend to anyone who likes to read near-future "soft" dystopia. As other reviewers have stated the book makes you think, rather than offering opinions and answers. In the end, there is a lead-in to a potential sequel. It's a book well worth the time.

A Familiar Curse: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Oxford Magic Kitten Mysteries Book 2) Kindle Edition

by Rosemary A Johns 4-30-21

My name’s Astra, and I’m a witch. This morning, all I want is to take a hot bath without a demon frog familiar insisting that he’s a prince in disguise and to read my book without a unicorn nibbling it. Instead, when cursed relics go missing in my picturesque but enchanted village of Witch Hollow, my hot next-door-neighbour, Sheriff, and dragon shifter, Earl Sin, calls on me to become his supernatural Deputy.

Satan, my devilish kitten familiar, knows more than he’s telling. But then, what’s new?

When a cursed magic flying carpet lands in my attic, its Italian tiger passenger shifts into the handsomest man I’ve ever seen. All of a sudden, Sin thinks that he’s found his suspect, and sparks fly. But I protect familiars, even mysterious strangers with twinkly blue eyes and cheeky smiles.

And all I truly wanted this morning was a hot bath…

One-Click now and decide which familiar you’ll adopt today!

A Familiar Curse is Book Two in the Oxford Magic Kitten Mysteries cozy mystery series. Start reading to escape into magic, mystery, and laugh-out loud fun!

5-1-21Shafted (Bishop Cliffs Book 1) Kindle Edition

by S.I. Hayes (Author), J. Haney Business is Everybody’s Business in a Small Town. Ten years ago, Willow Kennedy and Reid McHale were in love. Then College and life got in the way, tearing them apart. After finding her fiancé in bed with a floozy, Willow is convinced to go home for her class reunion, her one hope, NOT to see Reid McHale. So much for that. Reid McHale, having wasted years in the mines, is a bit bitter. After running into Willow, quite literally, he tries all he can to avoid the woman who broke his heart, but this small-town man can’t seem to shake her. What’s worse, the attraction between them is all-consuming and unavoidable. Can it work for these once upon a time lovers, or will the whole relationship simply get the Shaft? Strong Sexual Situations Strong Language Drug Reference Violence

Unavoidable (Saul Imbierowicz) Kindle Edition

by Coy Kissee (Author), Geoff Habiger 5-4-21

Al Capone is out of jail, but Eliot Ness tells Saul and Christian to leave the notorious gangster alone. When Mr. Brown's mysterious master is revealed Saul finds that his family is in danger. The only way for Saul to save them will be if he pays the ultimate price.


own your choice about whether you will or won't

but never, ever force your choice on others, judge or blame.

We're just too good for that.

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