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When author Beverly Cleary’s (who died last month at age 104) children were in school, they participated in D.E.A.R. time (Drop Everything And Read). Cleary liked the concept so much that she incorporated D.E.A.R. into her popular Ramona Quimby books, and the idea took off! In gratitude to Cleary, April 12 (her birthday) is National Drop Everything And Read Day.

Though D.E.A.R. is targeted at children, at Writer’s Relief we obviously think that readers of all ages should celebrate!

Because as we get older and life gets busier, it can be harder and harder for adults to drop everything and read. Many adults who were avid readers as children now go weeks—even months!—without reading a book. It’s time to start reading again!

Some Great Ways Adults Can Drop Everything And Read

Choose a special location.

In school, teachers try to make reading fun. (One Writer’s Relief employee was allowed to climb under the teacher’s desk and turn it into her own tiny reading room.) A change of locale and scenery can make reading a book something to look forward to.

Adults can do the same thing (although squeezing under a desk might not be as comfortable now)! Choose someplace special for your reading time, whether it’s your bed instead of the couch, that coffee shop you’ve always been meaning to go to, a public park on a nice day—whatever helps you avoid distractions (grocery lists, laundry to fold, the work you brought home, etc.) and focus on reading!

Read the book you REALLY want to read.

Just because you’re a “grown-up” doesn’t mean you have to limit your reading to stuffy, “respectable” books. Here’s a secret: You can read whatever you want to read! The classics and the New York Times bestseller list are fine for some, but they aren’t the only books worth reading. There are lots of books available in dozens of styles and genres.

So if you’d rather read a cozy mystery or even the latest YA novel (more than 50% of YA readers are adults) instead of Anna Karenina, don’t feel guilty. Read what you enjoy!

A great place to find reading suggestions is goodreads.com. You can start your own bookshelf or check out ours for some ideas.

What? Dinnertime already? Okay, just let me finish this chapter!

Consider your reading time nonnegotiable.

Let your family and friends know that your reading time is for reading only. If you set the expectation that you do not want to be interrupted for thirty minutes, it will probably be a lot easier to actually keep your reading time dedicated solely to reading.

Read aloud with friends and family.

Reading doesn’t have to be silent and solitary. Get a group of your friends or family members together and take turns reading aloud! It can be interesting to hear how others think a character speaks, or which parts would be read quietly or with great animation. You may gain a whole new perspective on what’s happening in the story!

Start a book club.

A book club is a good way to get yourself on a reading schedule. Knowing that you have a standing engagement to discuss chapters will help nudge you to make time to read. After all, you don’t want to be the only one who isn’t caught up during the discussion!

Borrow instead of buy.

You may be more likely to try new genres or read more books if you don’t have to hand over your hard-earned cash each time. Check out the offerings in your local public library—the variety and selection may surprise you! Today’s libraries aren’t limited to dusty old books on the shelves. You’ll find the latest bestsellers available, plus you can borrow e-books. And if you’re not sure what your next read should be, the librarian will be happy to help you choose.

Here’s a bonus for harried adults: A library is a quiet refuge, making it the perfect place to escape your daily mayhem and enjoy some peaceful alone time surrounded by books.

Reward yourself.

Many teachers extend D.E.A.R. Day activities beyond the official day, encouraging students to “Drop Everything and Read” multiple times a week at home. For every thirty-minute block of reading completed, students receive a sticker or smiley face on their charts. When a child reaches a certain number of stickers or smiley faces, he or she earns a reward.

You don’t have to make a sticker chart for yourself—although you can if you’d like! But you can come up with something similar to keep yourself motivated to read. For every three chapters read (or whatever number of pages you prefer), you earn a reward: a new book, lunch at your favorite restaurant, an hour of guilty pleasure TV show time, sleeping in on a Saturday…whatever makes you happy!

Reading is a wonderful lifelong hobby, and we love that this holiday highlights not only the act of reading itself, but the act of purposefully making the time to read. Grab a book and celebrate Drop Everything and Read Day—happy reading!

Question: What book are you reading—or wanting to start?

What makes it Visionary? When I’m asked about the genre Visionary Fiction, many times by people who think the genre shouldn’t even exist, I’m called to explain what makes it Visionary. To define it, I took a quick jaunt through Wikipedia and found postings of several Visionary Fiction Alliance authors posts to help explain it. Wiki says: Visionary fiction is a fiction genre with New Age or mind, body, spirit themes and perspectives, including consciousness expansion, spirituality, mysticism, and parapsychology. Margaret Duarte, a founding member of Visionary Fiction Alliance, recently wrote an article that stated “VISIONARY FICTION is often lumped together with metaphysical fiction, but in metaphysical fiction, PHILOSOPHY underlies the story and in visionary fiction the SPIRITUAL takes precedent.” Visionary fiction is also listed under the umbrella of speculative fiction with such genres as fantasy, magical realism, science fiction, and Christian fiction, but what sets VF apart from other genres is that EXPANSION OF THE MIND DRIVES THE PLOT. In Wizard of Oz the Cowardly Lion proves he is courageous, The Tin Man always had a heart and the Scarecrow had a brain. Dorothy realized there really was no place like home. The journey expanded their minds. What attracted me to classify my own writing as Visionary Fiction other than the ideas being dream, meditation or vision inspired was a fruitless search for a genre that fit many standard genres but was different in attitude from the mainstream. I had tried romance, but my characters were too reflective of the entire nature of romance and sex. I had tried SciFi but my aliens were as much conceptual as they were actual physical beings. Their spacecrafts and mission appeared, evolved and changed according to their Earthly interactions appearing as ancient gods in stellar boats to Egyptians, a dragon to a young artist, USB-like DNA altering gemstones to others. Paranormal or Shifter? I had ghosts, skinwalkers, sorcerers, adepts, scholars, demonics and demigods all capable of projecting a shape that could become physical, travel through time in a psyche generated craft, stop time or slow it, or bilocate in different shapes. In speaking with other authors I found they made similar journeys through genre that didn’t quite fit the bill of deeper, more intuitive character story.

In Children of Stone some characters experience gifts from other dimensions and physical transformations, but learn that they always possessed stellar qualities and power. They needed to journey together to realize their strength. It could have been a story of a group of wastrels’ trek to a foreign city to oppose forces of evil and then battle a demonic fallen angel. There is that element, but it’s not that simple. There’s a prayer of hope and an underlying search for truth at the start that all the characters make, whether good, evil, peasant or prince. Their vision and all visionary fiction IS our vision and journey in life. He (Marai) knew he would have to change his reclusive ways if he journeyed west with his family. Tonight, the thought of leaving took his focus away from the goddess, even though he sang heartily enough to her. It was difficult to sing farewell.

It still hurts my heart to go. The big shepherd rose and sang out from his porch. As he sang, he paused from time to time to see if anyone from the encampment below was annoyed by the melodious baritone he sent up beyond the heavens. You change our fates, Evil turns to good; I have sought you for so long among the gods; I have offered all to you; Come bless me this starry night. **** He takes a journey that night, but alone, and not the one he thought he’d be taking: It becomes the deeper journey to wisdom and self realization.

He was a demon, cursed and compelled to haunt a staircase -- until he met an angel. COMING SOON! The Mini-Book Raemkai's Stairs first seen in Ghostly Writes 2018 by Plaisted Publishing House. Author Mary Woldering, Editor/formatting Thomas Woldering Cover design Mara Reitsma of Covered by the Rose. Release Date and details coming soon!

And now onto Book 2 Going Forth By Day - the teasers continue whenever possible without much in the way of spoilers

Chapter 1 is called The Pronouncement. Going Forth by Day by Mary Woldering is the second installment in the Children of Stone series. Exceptional world-building and characterization. Intricate details and setting attest to not only the extensive research, but also delight in immersing her readers and herself into this world. The story continues: Marai hasn't contacted Ariennu in a week. Bored, she goes to a tavern but it doesn't go well WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? WHERE IS MARAI? Book 2 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08GZSMY6C/ to start the series begin with book 1 @ only $.99 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B081KSKPGB/ #VisionaryFiction #AncientEgypt #Historicalfantasy

Dawn of the Thorns (Wicked Beauty Reverse Harem Fairytales Book 2) Kindle Edition

by Chandra Fry (Author), Iris Sweetwater (Author) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08F39BM16/ 3/30/21

Sleeping Beauty is so much more than she appears as a sleeping babe the day she is cursed by the evil fae...

For seventeen years Dawn was locked in a tower for her own safety, but this princess will soon learn she can fly.

Mysterious powers she had never been told she had awaken and amaze her, but what she doesn't udnerstand is those same powers being danger ever closer.

Three fairies take it upon themselves to teach her in the ways of magic and survival much to her chagrin...even though they are tall, rugged, male fairies.

For fans of Addison Moore and Holly Black, find a spellbinding and romantic fairytale like you've never heard it before!

Rocky Road to Love: Australian outback small town romance Kindle Edition

by Cindy Tomamichel

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08TWNHMX5/ 3/31/21

Always wondered what it would be like to be a geologist? Or how about an archaeologist? Say g’day to Sandra and Dan in this contemporary romance set in outback Australia that is full of laughter, science, danger, and the occasional possum. Geologist Sandra knows it is out there—the El Dorado find that will save the future of her beloved town of Broken Hill. She has dedicated her life to finding it and will let nothing stand in her way to keep her promise to her prospector grandfather. Archaeologist Dan knows how fragile the past can be. History can be erased by the ambitious. It is his job to protect it —no matter what the cost. Dan believes Sandra’s exploration may threaten ancient sacred sites. His arrival in town disrupts all her plans. As they explore the desert region together, their building attraction is hampered by mutual misunderstanding. Sandra’s reputation and job are under threat, and her friend’s lives are in danger. Dan must decide where his loyalties lie. The harsh Australian desert will challenge them both, tear apart their hopes, test their love, and threaten their lives. How will the present save the past and the future?

Crash My Secrets: An Endangered Mates Novel #3 Kindle Edition

by Payne Craven https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08NF2TW26/ 3/31/21

Jude Siola is the Crew Beta and Vice President of Endangered Endeavors. Originally from Laos, he has come to America for his protection. He is an incredibly rare and endangered shifter. If his animal is discovered, it could mean death or worse, he could be used for his gifts. After watching some of his best crewmates find love, he finds himself longing for someone of his own. Then the dreams start. Something bad is happening to his mate, he can feel it in his bones. Then Jaime Fierce tells him that Jude will figure out who his mate is, and he will have to save her. Shabina Tarsis grew up as Richter’s daughter. Though he was mean at times, she still loved him as a father. One day, she finds out what kind of man he really is, and he tortures her and leaves her for dead. She is rescued by Tank and the crew but has been in a coma for about a year. Her body is trying to heal the damage and her dreams are trying to tell her something. In the moment of her death, a shining light is going to heal her, and its wielder will be her fated mate. Even in her sleep, she doesn’t believe it. Meanwhile, a Vampire Bat Coven has moved into crew territory and Absynthe and Richter are still lurking. With war looming and death imminent, will Jude shift and save them all, or will his fear of exposure put them all in the Necromancer’s grubby little grasp?

Crimson Moon Hideaway: Shadow Dreams Kindle Edition

by C.D. Gorri (Author), Crimson Moon Hideaway

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08WPYJN85/ 4/1/21

Sometimes dreams lead to more than we could ever imagine… Descended from a forgotten line of Donas de Fuera, Shadow Capelli’s dreams are about to go up in flames. With bills to pay, no money coming in, and a clinic full of injured and unwanted animals, Fang & Claw Rescue Center is doomed. The non-profit animal rehab and reserve is in danger of imminent foreclosure, but Shadow can’t use her powers to save it without upsetting the balance of magic. When the bank manager suggests she pay off her debt with him, she balks. Shadow is out of time. She needs money. Fast. With the Crimson Moon Hideaway just a short drive down the road, she decides to try her luck in the infamous casino. What has she got to lose? Diego Manuel’s inner Otter is gnawing at him to find a mate. Territorial and often ornery, his Boar tends to get in trouble whenever he runs into another Otter raft. But where else can he find an eligible female? With his beast more anxious than ever, Diego decides what he needs is some relaxation. And what better place to get it than the Crimson Moon Hideaway?

FEMINISTS NEED D**K TOO! by Kola Boof Kindle Edition

by Kola Boof (Author) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08W2GP76P/ 4-7-21

The Return of Queen Kola!!!

Critically acclaimed yet embattled novelist KOLA BOOF (“The Sexy Part of the Bible”, “Diary of a Lost Girl”, “Flesh and the Devil”) tells us how she really feels in this brutally honest deeply personal Black Girl sex memoir that bravely exposes the differences between African Feminism, Black Womanism and White American Feminism. Ultimately the book is a manifesto appealing to all women of any race, any sexuality and even includes legitimate representation of Transwomen.

Ms. Boof starts with the question: “What if I had a daughter? What would I tell her about being a Woman and surviving in this world?

After being married to two millionaires (one Black, one White) and dating quite the list of male celebrities (Boof tries to downplay her history with Osama Bin Laden, however); Kola Boof definitely sounds like an expert on these matters and is one of the most entertaining wisdom-sharing public figures in literature today. It’s a shame that corporate smear campaigns targeted at Boof after the Bin Laden scandal, Xenophobia and Ms. Boof’s personal beef with U.S. White Media has relegated her to being something of an underground sensation. Truly, her level of talent and intellect deserves more attention.

It’s impossible to agree with everything Boof writes here. I have a few bones to pick with her. But her penchant for making us talk about topics we ordinarily wouldn’t dare debate in public has become legendary. “Feminists Need Dick Too!” Strikes me as both the perfect beach read for young thinking women and confirmation for much older Black women that they were right about certain things all along.

Men who are secure within themselves will love and enjoy the book as well.

—Teedra Wyndam

Contraryed: Heels, Rhymes, & Nursery Crimes Volume 9 Kindle Edition

by Darlene Tallman https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08XQVNKM8/ 4-9-21

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockleshells and dead bodies lined up in a row? Mary Silver is quite content to live her quiet life, growing beautiful flowers in the family nursery that she inherited from her parents. She has no clue that someone has been stalking her and setting her up until she’s arrested for being a serial killer. But who could have it out for her? Jonas Michaelson is the lead detective on the case and as time goes on, he realizes that all is not as it appears with the lovely Ms. Silver. He’s determined to find out the truth in an effort to get the woman he’s fallen in love with out of jail. He wants to know three things, however—who wants Mary out of the way enough to frame her? Can he solve the mystery in time? And does Mary even feel the same way he does? Welcome to Nursery Crimes, where tales are twisted and happily ever afters are not always guaranteed… (Suitable for ages 18+ due to adult content)

Renegade: Galactic Conclave (Braxtharian Warriors Book 3) Kindle Edition

by Nikki Nova (Author), Nikki Landis (Author) Format: Kindle Edition

Book 3 of 3: Braxtharian Warriors https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08HM1RGK6/ 4-9-21

Rexnor: I’ve given up on the search for a mate. As a Braxtharian Warrior my commitment to the Legion keeps our planet safe. I must protect the home world and bring honor to Vindar. When corruption threatens our way of life, I use all my skills to find the one responsible. Everything changes when the feisty human female I rescue resurrects my mating instincts. She’s far too opinionated and bossy. When I’m near her my control slips and I fight the urge to claim her as my own. Even when she tries to resist our connection, I feel her inner conflict. There’s only one choice – convince her of the one thing she doesn’t believe in. Love. Lexi: Earth is in danger. Human women are disappearing and the Galactic Conclave can no longer guarantee our safety. Silver warriors promise protection but I don’t trust the hunky aliens. Danger, lies, and corruption threaten the future for all species. I don’t know who I can trust. When I’m taken against my will, I know I’ll have to choose a side and fight for freedom. One warrior stands above the rest who is willing to lay down his life for my own. Our connection is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. If I want to survive, I’ll have to trust the sexy warrior and believe in something I’ve never considered before now. Love. GALACTIC CONCLAVE READING ORDER: Vindicator - Braxtharian Warriors #1 Scarred - Braxtharian Warriors #2 Rage Beast Mate - D.R.A.R.B. Penitentiary #1 Renegade - Braxtharian Warriors #3 Hunger Fever Mate - D.R.A.R.B. Penitentiary #2 Defender - Braxtharian Warriors #4

The Night Librarian Kindle Edition

by Jane Jago https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08YGTYSM1/ 4-10-21

At night the books in the library awake...

Love Ignited (Heels, Rhymes & Nursery Crimes Book 11) Kindle Edition

by C.A. King (Author) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08VLTPSKW/ 4-11-21

Heels, Rhymes, & Nursery Crimes, a new series of novellas featuring ladies who love to bend the law. Welcome to Nursery Crimes, where tales are twisted and happily ever after’s are not always guaranteed… LOVE IGNITED by C.A. KING VOLUME 11 Flames around a liar. I’ll light my love on fire. To ashes, to ashes, they’ll all burn down. All she’s looking for is love; someone to understand. None of them ever did. Being rejected makes her hot under the collar. They created the problem. It only makes sense they shared in a bit of the heat. He’s a detective with a nose for crime. When he catches the scent of arson covering up murders, he puts himself on the case, vowing the serial killer’s demise. He’s her perfect type, giving her plenty of attention. She’s a thorn in his side, evading exposure. Their combination is as unpredictable as the outcome.

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