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Alien day is an awesome day to recognize and appreciate the fantastic world of the Alien(s) franchise. Beginning with the first film released in 1979 and spanning more than 40 years since, Alien (including the many films, books and games) has been an intense, unique and fascinating look into the question of whether other life exists in the universe.

Whether or not life exists elsewhere is exactly the kind of question that should be asked on Alien Day!

Alien Day was created by a Sci-Fi subculture of people who wanted to honor not only the Alien film series. The first “unofficial” Alien Day was celebrated in the spring of 2015 by a group of folks in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

The choice of the date itself holds meaning: 4/26 refers to the designation of the moon in the 1st Alien film: LV-426 is the name of the moon where the xenomorphs are discovered in the 1979 film by Ridley Scott.

Beginning in 2016, Alien Day commenced as a more official celebration when the maker of the Alien movies, 20th Century Fox, got involved with sponsoring events for the day. One of the events for that year was a trivia challenge that lasted an entire 24 hours. From midnight to midnight, Alien trivia questions were posted on Twitter every 42.6 minutes (a total of 35 questions) and prizes included collectibles and wearables related to the film.

2016 was a particularly important year because it was timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the release of Alien’s sequel, Aliens. However, rather than taking place on the exact day of Aliens’ release, the date was instead a reference to the planetoid on which the film is set — LV-426 (otherwise known as 4/26).

The idea of and hope for Alien Day is that more people around the world can learn about this great day and celebrate the wonderful world of Alien(s). And that continues to come true as Alien Day is now acknowledged and enjoyed by Sci-Fi fans all over the world!

How to Celebrate Alien Day

For fans of the franchise, enjoying this day can be fairly simple or super extreme, depending on preference. Try some of these ideas:

Host an Alien Movie Marathon

With six different films in the franchise, watching them all sequentially could certainly take most of the day! But diehard Alien fans won’t mind! Watch the films in this order:

Alien (1976). Starring Sigourney Weaver as Ripley, this classic sci-fi horror film has certainly gained a cult following.

Aliens (1986). Reprising her role as Ripley, Sigourney Weaver is the sole survivor of the alien attack on her ship. This is considered by some as one of the best sequel films ever made.

Alien3 (1992). Again, with Weaver’s character as the sole survivor (along with alien life), she must try to survive.

Alien Resurrection (1997). Set 200 years into the future from the time the last film ended, this time Weaver is joined by Winona Ryder.

Prometheus (2012). A 15 year gap between these two films was a very long wait! This prequel stars Noomi Rapace and Charleze Theron, centering on the idea of finding the origins of humanity.

Alien: Covenant (2017). Another prequel, again with Michael Fassbender (who was also in Promethus) who plays an android.

Read Alien Books or Graphic Novels

Alien is more than just a series of films! It incorporates a whole host of written and illustrated books that provide even more interest and entertainment in the world of Alien. Many times, special releases of novels and comic books have been coordinated to align with Alien Day. So check out the local bookstore to see what new releases are available!

Play an Alien Video Game

Fans with a computer or mobile device can download Alien video games to their heart’s content! Beginning in 1982 (on that classic Atari game player, no less), the Alien brand began releasing its video games and has been continuing for many years.

Since then, they’ve also been playable on PC, XBox, Playstation, Gameboy and now mobile phones. The most recent video game in the franchise is Alien: Blackout, which was given away for free on Alien Day 2020!

Grab one at a local game shop or download online to get started!

What will we teach the future?

My daughter’s family visited from out of town this past week. It was a wonderful time of reminiscing and of hoping we would be able to see them more as the concerns of Covid passed us. We took walks, hiked, looked at old VHS of “their” ancestors and paged through family photos. They met a neighbor. It was magical to see the children take to her and want to go to her house again. She was almost in tears because she had said that until we moved next door no one had ever even spoken to her in her 15 years of residence there. When we moved to our new neighborhood, my spouse and I decided we would go out of the way to be good neighbors, regardless of the response (unless it was openly hostile) We shoveled walks, swept, chatted when folks walked their dogs, took in garbage cans for others. We wanted to invite people over but the pandemic was in full swing so we were friendly at a distance, making certain we stayed away from hot-button topics and shared only love and sociable behavior. So much of that is missing, because of many things that have happened in our society. We’ve been taught not to trust out of fear someone will take advantage or not return our positivity. A gap is left. When it is, we start picking out differences and composing lists of why we should protect ourselves against “them”. “They” are not us. “They” are different racially, ideologically, financially, religiously, culturally, and politically. Soon we have divided our community and our lives into “us” and “them” and from that only hatred and fear can grow. In a sense, I see life during Covid as a warning and a time to reflect on how distant we have grown from each other as humans. The news shows us that hatred and fear are growing, which might be true, but I also see glimmers of light and vision soldiering on. On our walk one day we saw lawns littered with quite hateful religious comic tracts that spoke nothing of love or traditional virtues – only fear and terror if one did not blindly adhere. We gathered as many as we could find, because whether one wishes to have fear-based faith or not, it is still littering, hence bad for the neighborhood. Do we want to emerge back into society fully distrustful and fearful, or have we reflected on the lesson it taught, that positivity and helpfulness to each other regardless of the payback are necessities? We mentioned to the grandkids that love and kindness to each other increase vision and hope, but fear and hate make it so much harder for people, especially the young, to actually “see” the beauty all around us.

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Two more teasers entice you to read Book 2 Going Forth by Day!

A Review -- Passionate and creative storytelling, nothing new to readers familiar with Voices in Crystal. Another full meal, steaming and romantic, alternate history, science fiction and magic. The Inspector returns and tells the women to pack! They'll be reunited with Marai soon. BUT WILL THEY? Ari still thinks something is wrong. Going Forth by Day

New to the series? Start with Voices in Crystal #visionaryfiction #historicalfantasy #ancientegypt

A deep dive into a visionary historical fantasy of Ancient Egypt. Prince Hordjedtef and his assistant Inspector Wserkaf have obtained the box containing the Children of Stone. They ward the box and attempt to read the energy. WHAT COULD HAPPEN? Start the series with Bk 1 Voices in Crystal and continue with Going Forth By Day. Both FREE with KDP. #visionaryfiction #historicalfantasy #ancientegypt

An esoteric treat that delves into secret societies throughout history and into the present, the Gnostic idea that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were not only married but had children. They were part of an unbroken hierarchy and family line with a universal destiny that stretched back to Atlantean and extra-earth roots.

Anne Le Clair, inherits her assassinated Aunt’s crystal necklace, but soon realizes she can no longer deny her place in her family and ancestor's destiny. There are evil forces at work vying to thwart that destiny and gain control of Earth. She is being drawn to the tunnels beneath the Sphinx in the Giza plateau in Egypt along with five others, each with a crystal necklace. They will meet under a particular star alignment. Under the Stone Paw is a page-turning thriller, the concepts of which may disturb some readers, but it is well worth the read. If you like the works of Dan Brown and enjoyed The Da Vinci Code, this is a book for you. It's the first of a series of four books called Power Places.

Steven Manchester's book The Menu is a story of a man's life from before birth to after his death. It begins with the soul who will become Phinn Reed taking to God and picking out what he would like to accomplish in his journey through the corporeal world. Like most of us, he wants to be happy and successful, but he also wants to find his soul-mate.

This award winning story then follows Phinn through his life in which there and delights but also times of almost crushing despair in which he wonders if God is even listening. The theme then presents itself that one is never alone. It's inspirational in that it encourages anyone who has suffered a loss that they can always grow and find love of all sorts in different places. Phinn writes poetry at different times in the book and in reading the poems we see a little more of the journey to love and redemption. A lovely read but have a box of tissues nearby.

Hotel Evil: Vacancies: 13 Kindle Edition

by N.M. Brown (Author), T.M. Brown (Author), Dee Caples (Author), S.E. Howard (Author), Kayla Krantz (Author), Tim Mendees (Author), Jacqueline Moran Meyer (Author), Callum Pearce (Author), Kimberly Rei (Author), Chisto Healy (Editor) Format: Kindle Edition

It is rumoured the halls of the Piedmont Hotel have been filled with ghosts for years. It’s what led renowned horror director, Jason Horn, to film his latest movie there.

But Hotel Evil is more than a movie. Within these pages are the documented stories of the 13 cast and crew members and the horrors they suffered within those walls.

Dare you peer into the windows and pass through the doors into the Piedmont Hotel? Let your curiosity be your guide and book your reservation.

Welcome to Hotel Evil...enjoy your stay.

Dark Song

by Darlene Kuncytes (Author), GotYouCovered (Illustrator), Lex Hupertz (Editor)

Melody Graham was living a Charmed Life. Or, at least, she thought she was. She was finally living her dream: away from home, her days spent doing what fed her soul, playing her violin at the school she’d always wanted to attend...Julliard. Everything she ever wanted, and she took it all for granted. When an accident changes all she thought she knew, her world is shattered. For the first time, Melody has to learn to stand on her own, though an unexpected inheritance just may be her salvation…Dominic Caldwell enjoys his solitude. Alone in a world of his own making, he’s shocked to find someone invading his world. Music breaks through the silence of his shadowed existence, drifting over the night air, drawing him towards a cottage left deserted, and the woman who has come to reclaim it. It is all he can do not to kneel at her feet, the virtuoso's haunting melody rocking him to his core. A core he cannot afford to be shaken or torn from his self-enforced exile. No, there's only one thing he can do: Force her to leave. But her song steals the will from him, or is it that her music has the power to heal even the most tired of souls?

Crash My Redemption: An Endangered Mates Novella #1.5 Kindle Edition

by Payne Craven (Author)

Love Hard. Stay Strong. Save Them. Endangered Mates. Nadine Walker has been a sinner for as long as she can remember. She usually gets away unscathed, but this time is different. She has done something that she actually regrets, and now she is imprisoned for it. Karl Nyeusi is the new Chief of the Black Rhino Crash and everything seems to be going well. Then a fiery redhead ended up in his village and gave one of their own to a psychotic poacher. Now Nadine is his prisoner, but Karl can’t stop checking in on her and guarding her. What is it about her that he can’t stay away from? Can she find redemption in the safety of his arms and can he find a way to let her in, or will she return to her old ways never to find love again?

The Cursed Daughter (The Cursed Kingdom Book 3) Kindle Edition

by Aimee Shaye (Author) 4-17-21

She was born of dark magick. She was destined to unite the world. Empress Dimia wants nothing more than to claim the dark magick she had sought her entire life. She believes the war is finally coming to an end, when it takes a turn for the worse. Dimia is imprisoned by Aymeri, who refuses to see reason, and the dark magick within her threatens to end her life as it brings forth a danger neither of them anticipate. Will Dimia die at the hands of Queen Aymeri, or will the Queen finally see reason and allow Dimia to claim the magick and become its vessel? Find out in this jaw-dropping conclusion to The Cursed Kingdom trilogy.

Loki's Angel: A Poseidon's Warriors MC novel - Book 3 Kindle Edition

by Darlene Tallman (Author) 4-24-21

CeeCee Morgan grew up knowing several facts about herself - she was worthless, she should never have been born, she was stupid, and she was a waste of space. However, at six, her life changed for the better and she became part of a loving, happy family. The scars left behind, however, keep her from dating. Determined that she will get every best thing, her best friend researches local tattoo artists until she finds one that can help cover up the past so that CeeCee can have the future she truly deserves. Callum “Loki” O’Rourke has made a name for himself in the tattoo community. While he’ll do the flash art that folks want, his passion is helping those who are scarred regain their confidence and self-esteem. From burn victims to mastectomy patients, there’s not much he hasn’t seen since he first picked up his tattoo gun. He’s never been affected by a client until she walks into his shop. Now he’s a man on a mission - to design the best possible tattoo to show what she has come to mean to him during their long sessions while hopefully building a life with her - his earth angel. But the past that was dead and buried comes roaring back with a vengeance into CeeCee’s life. Will she crumble or will her newfound self-confidence enable her to keep walking tall? And can she handle being enfolded in the family Loki’s made with the Poseidon's Warriors MC? **This is an MC romance not suitable f

or anyone under 18 due to steamy love scenes, and child abuse that isn’t fully described, but IS alluded to.**

by Jeanette O'Hagan 4-26-21

A rebellious prince, a mysterious stranger, a realm in turmoil. Prince Mannok fumes at his royal parents for exiling his half-sister. He rejects all their suggestions of a suitable bride, even though he knows securing the succession is vital to the stability of Tamra. Rasel is a young shapeshifter inpatient with the warnings of her elders about the warrior Tamrin and their past betrayals. She longs to restore peace between them so her Kin no longer need to live in the shadows. When would-be assassins are discovered poisoned in the palace cells, Prince Mannok and his friends face increasing danger. Rasel’s arrival in Tarka causes further turmoil, misunderstandings and peril. Will Mannok and Rasel bring peace or more conflict to Tamra? Will the elusive assassin be unmasked before someone else dies and the realm put in jeopardy? Rasel’s Song is the exciting second book in the kingdom fantasy, the Akrad’s Legacy se


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