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As many of you know, I've moved 10 miles east of where I had lived for about 35 years. Adam Stump and Hilary Anderson thought it would be nice for me to write about the weather. Now - Lake Erie had weather. Notably there is the Witch of November or a squall line that raids the Great Lakes in November with sudden cold, gusting, and often blinding snow cause by the clash of warm and cold fronts over the watcher. Waves can be amazing and the wind cuts through with such a harshness that you wonder if you forgot to put on your pants. My son said the only place it was worse was on Virginia Tech Campus. Witch of November was credited for the sinking of the freighter Edmund Fitzgerald as immortalized in the song by Gordon Lightfoot. That happened on Lake Huron. Lake Erie has a windy Witch usually in Late October. Cold and blustery with amazing lakefront waves. I don't get to see the lake these days. We live inland, not 2-3 blocks from the water. We have a creek that takes the place of a back yard. When it rains it rises and if there's a downpour it FLOODS. Here's one flood from May of this year.

As for famous? Catherine Ollar Plunkett I know it's the home of James Garfield and one day after the pandemic maybe I will tour his lovely old mansion on Mentor Avenue. along with other places. But just not yet.

Ghosts? No one new has joined my usual cadre. I think the neighborhood is still too new,

Gigi Lovegrove and Joyce Hertzoff mentioned I could write of gardens and nature without humans. Joyce, I haven't had time to garden, just weed a neglected yard at our new house which was abandoned for a while before we bought it. Shaeler Williams mentioned a Walden experiment. - I've been able to do that! I just look outside every morning or enjoy coffee and breakfast on one of two decks over the water. Writing has been better - or at least more plentiful.

In the spring I see turkeys, geese, ducks, hear foxes, barred owls, watch groundhogs. birds, squirrels and deer. A small piece of paradise. I'm running late because of a computer snafu, do Trqacy Johnson's question will be answered next time. What context is there for myths and legends in modern time. I had started to answer it, but could go on and on about Hero's Journey vs. Spiritual Journey. It really needs more space and time that just an answer in a short spot.

With the launch of "Ana's Dream of Flying" my writing now takes another turn. The new cover for the revised Going Forth By Day is complete except for the blurb. Soon you'll all be invited to some reveals and some preorder fun. I'm hoping to release it this year.

I just finished writing and submitting a YA story for Ghostly Rites YA edition called "The Green Cabinet Door." It started out as just a ghost story but then I asked myself, why just ghosts? That's so ordinary and now it has blossomed into so much more. I'll keep you all posted as to it's release soon.

Last but not least. work proceeds on the final book of the Children of Stone Series. There may be other novellas prequels and so forth in that universe, but these are the main books. The Lake of Memory. A subtitle could read: The Final Battle for Truth. In it after the devastating events in Book 4 Marai has had enough from the entity known as the sentinel and is determined to release him from this world. But the sentinel rather enjoys being the god of many faces. Marai will have to fall through his own soul and risk everything he has become and everyone he loves in order to win. A Heroes Journey has become a spiritual one! How it ends will be unexpected and you will want just a little more

From Chapters 24 and 25 in Voices in Crystal

The Organized Author: How-to Organize your Author Platform and Get Back to Writing Kindle Edition

by Cindy Tomamichel 7-1-20

Stalked (Tomoiya's Story Book 3) Kindle Edition by C.A. King 7-7-20

Ana's Dream of Flying Kindle Edition


by Mary R. Woldering (Author), Thomas Woldering (Editor)

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