A great year and a greater one to come A wonderful series ends - Review of "Memories so Distant


In a mere two more days a decade closes. The twenty-teens will be history. I look back at the passing of decades and sometimes I feel like a walking history textbook that the "now" generations don't care to read and certainly don't understand as well as I do.

Some things I recall: 1950's - Moved a lot. I like Ike. Communists, Space Race, Cold War, The Shag, Greasers. IT WASN'T ALL POODLE SKIRTS AND BEE-BOP

1960's - At first the same, but then the Missle Crisis, the Assasinations and a killing seen on TV. British Invasion, War on TV, Hippies, Love, San Francisco, Woodstock. TELEVISION LED US TO THE REVOLUTION

1970's - Is God dead? Pot and acid. New Religions and gods run the gamut, disco, bar hopping, liberties of all sorts. Spiritual awakening.Carter. Writing down the dreams THE "DIRTY HIPPIES" WERE JUST SOME CRAZY WILD-EYED KIDS WITH HOPE FOR A BETTER FUTURE - Sounds like kids today, somehow.

1980's - harder stuff for many. Adulthood changes things. Yuppies & suburbs. Families. Reagan Boom. Still writing WHEN HIPPIES DECIDED TO JOIN 'EM INSTEAD OF BEATING THEM 1990's Nirvana and grunge, Madonna and kids growing up, starting to take wing. Odd jobs. Computers get smaller. Clinton OUR WORLD BEGAN TO CRACK BUT STILL KEPT GROWING

2000's Y2K cell phones, kids in college, Navy parent, 9-11, Obama, the 2008 bust SO MUCH PROGRESS, BUT SO MUCH LOSS

2010's New Families, grandchildren. Retiring, Writing and publishing. New reality of retirement. Trump. Conspiracies. Some old friends pass away. ABOUT RECOVERY, REDOING, RETRO.


Closer to home, what, as a writer and a reader will you do next year? I asked my readers on Facebook. You answered:

Me: Accentuate the positive and learn marketing. Write more and better tales - finish Children of Stone and get more fans to share & spread the word! Make a better blog!

Mark McQuillen To get a book deal..make some decent money. We'll see how that goes. :P

Ken Wigal To do some actual writing.

Eva Pasco Hoping to publish my current WIP.

K.T.Seto- Author I am committed to finishing both Seiryuu’s Daughters and Bad Date by the end of spring so I can attend some writers conferences in the summer and fall and make a final decision on if I am going trad pub, small press or self pub.

Sandy Fosdick Read more, talk less, accept no guilt/bullspit

Guy Donovan To get my Dragon's Treasure series into print and then move on to something else.

Edward Caruana Most definitely to publish my first novel - am epic novel at that. Considering that as an ebook to begin with.

Mara Reitsma MORE DOODLES!!!!

Kayla Matt Finish and release the fourth arc of my series by Halloween. I have 200 comic pages to draw, and plan to start production on those a month from now.



Mary Woldering Writing for me, publish my 4 existing short stories individually, finish re-tuning Book 2 (The original is still great though - just fixing wonky POV's Finishing Book 5 and the Children of Stone Series …

Reading: I have close to 150 unread books of other authors. I'll whittle away at that list, add more and review most. Most eager? That's a tough one because you all are generally great!

Mark McQuillen Well the rewrite of Valkyrie 2 is almost finished. Then theres the Tales of the Petals series. Also I submitted Valkyrie Darkness Awaits the Novel to Daw books, I should be hearing something back on that soon.

Thomas W. Jones The newest Three Pines/Chief Inspector Armand Gamache mystery by Louise Penny.

Jeri Chavis Torrance I’m currently working on my first thriller, Turn The Page, and after that, two more books in the Brides Of Benson series.

Merri Prudich Halma Finishing the second companion book to my Indigo Traveler Series and hope to shop it around after thorough editing and polishing. I hope if I can find a publisher they will take the other books in the series, too.

Eddie J. Morales I am working on a short horror story to be submitted for consideration to Terror Tract Publishing as part of their upcoming Infestation Anthology book. I also plan to release my next indie book, "Dreaded Tales 2 - Another Short Horror Story Collection" to be released end of summer 2020.

Laura Saylor I'd just like to see a piece of work to its finish. I have several starts and stops and notes, but I can't find writing system that works for me :(

Amber Daniels I hope to finally get this diabetic book finished. As far as reading; I'm excited for Robin Rance 1st thriller, Turn the Page!

Annie Lou My publishers deadline is 2 January 2021 so I'm aiming for 30 November finish ...

Scott Branchfield I have one novel and two short stories I'd like to get published this coming year.

Sandy Fosdick Eager to start yours and finish chronicles of Lorrek

Joyce Hertzoff I hope to self-publish the next sequels for both of my series, as well as have published one of the two new series I'm working on.

Leslie Conzatti Writing—Hoping to publish my first full-length fantasy novel... And also at least 2 anthologies, one I’ve already submitted, the other I’m still writing the story for... After that, maybe a sequel to my first novella, from 3 years ago? Reader—I’m excited for the next 20 indie books on my TBR list!! 🙂

Tom Atwood My current publishing plans are to weep softly and despair

OH MY, I'M OVERDUE WITH A FEW. Over the next issues I'll be remedying this with at least one review per issue.


A wonderful series ends

Review of Memories so Distant and Brief Book 4 of

The Dragon's Treasure by Guy Donovan (Author)

In the beginning of the series we meet young Cerys, a disabled, but loveable princess who has been hidden in favor of her half-brother. There is also Talorc, a dragon - the last of dragons who literally takes her under his wing.

In the series we see their friendship grow and they help each other. Growth has challenges and, without dropping spoilers, they adapt to new situations and gain new friends separately. Throughout the years they both remember each other. Cerys knows the dragon has a treasure (he told her so) and for reasons you'll have to read to find out, she seeks it to save her homeland. There's discover of the treasure and an entire legend behind it. There are plenty of heartstring tugs and yet a rewarding finish as the tale completes and journeys into myth. A wonderful story and a stellar five+ star finish.

Now that the new edition of Voices in Crystal is out, here's the first review! Dec 22, 2019 Janet R Brienza rated it really liked it

Alternative history with aliens

This book Ended up being quite more than I expected. I thought I was getting a retelling of the birth of Christ, given the cover. I was happy to read on, and find much more! It opens with a prayer. It’s a solemn, mystical vibe that penetrates this work. I liked it very much. The characters are well developed, and I found them to be likable. I did struggle with many different points of view, and lush detail. Once I found a quiet spot without a television blaring in the background and lots of chatter, I was able to concentrate and enjoy. A large portion is adult in nature. Nothing gratuitous, or in bad taste, but if that’s not your thing, take note. Warning #2, this book ends in a cliffhanger. Freak that I am, I like that sort of thing, but I know some do not. Looking forward to what happens next!

Fighter Awakens in the Naughty World (Ultimate Harem Fantasy 1): An Erotic LitRPG Novel Kindle Edition by Reed James December 18, 2019 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B082XJK2FN/

Only Pretty Betas: A Shifter Paranormal Romance Series (Rebel Werewolves Book 2) Kindle Edition by Johns , Rosemary A 12/19/19https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07YC5GLT8/

Avoiding Temptation (A Bro Code Standalone Book 3) Kindle Edition by Rachel Van Dyken (Author) 12-23-19


Polar Opposites: A Barvale Clan Tale 1 (Barval Clan Tales) Kindle Edition by C.D. Gorri (Author) 12-24-19


The Biker's Gift (Royal Bastards MC) Kindle Edition by Nikki Landis 12-24-19 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0825BG1BS/

Jackalopes: The Real Story Kindle Edition by James Quinlan Meservy (Author) December 24, 2019 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0832HTGXW/

Infiltrated (Daywalker Academy series Book 2) Kindle Edition by Maya Daniels (Author) 12-25-19https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07ZYNCZLR/

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