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Princess DAY

What is National Princess Day? National Princess Day comes around annually on November 18, so clear your schedule and prepare for a magical day of pampering and fabulousness. Everyone has a favorite princess (real or fake) and dreams of being treated like one (at least for a day). A dream is a wish your heart makes, and it’s time to make that wish come true. National Princess Day History The first princess to come to our tv screens was Snow White in 1937’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Based on the fairytale by the Brothers Grimm, this movie was also the first full length traditional animation film as well as the earliest Disney animated feature film. When Xena: Warrior Princess came out in 1995 and Mulan was released in 1998, they showed everyone that a princess can do more than wear a pretty dress. These two iconic women let children everywhere know that a princess can also be a strong and adventurous warrior.

New wave princesses like Moana and Frozen’s Elsa show us that you can still be a princess while maintaining your independence. We all grew up with animated, and live action, princesses guiding us through life.

When thinking of our favorite princesses, our minds instantly go to Disney. However, when it comes to National Princess Day, Disney had very little involvement in its inception. Nest Family Entertainment, a Texas based entertainment company, teamed up with Rich Animation in 1994 to create the animated film The Swan Princess, a musical adaptation of Swan Lake. The studio wanted people of every age to have a day to celebrate like royalty, embodying the kindness and grace that we all associated with princess at the time — and thus, National Princess Day was created. The definition of a princess is constantly changing. From the 1930s until the 1990s, princesses were meant to be saved by a prince and live happily ever after. Nowadays, princesses create their own happily ever after, save the prince, and then put the prince squarely in the friend zone. So basically, embodying a princess on National Princess Day is to embody, what the kids call, the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time).

Three tales with princesses you might enjoy

First one's mine. This is available in Ghostly Rites 2019 It's a different Snow White Story. One bite of an apple and Princess Joy Snow-White of the Silver Mountain finds herself waking from a coma in a hospital in Denver, Colorado with a different identity: Whitney Joy Snow - ex television child star recovering from a head injury. Can she convince people in 2019 that she's a real princess from what they say is a fairytale? Will she ever find her dwarven governess Missus Serrie and a special mirror or must she live her life in a snobbish boarding school - pestered by psychologists who can't ever understand. Find Out! Read "The Changeling Princess." in Ghostly Rites 2019

Like Dragons and Arthurian Fantasy? Try Guy Donovan's Dragon's Treasure series - Book 1 The Forgotten Princess of Mona "A compelling, swiftly paced story...the prose is certainly a cut above that of most fantasy novels...Donovan has a knack for creating vivid characters." — Kirkus Reviews Eleven-year-old Cerys is no normal little girl. The orphaned daughter of a fifth century Welsh king and queen, her only friends in the island kingdom of Môna are her old Pictish caregiver and a young chambermaid. The new queen wants nothing to do with her-- instead doting on her own son, who will one day rule Môna in place of Cerys. \

The people of Môna, royal and commoner alike, barely remember she even exists.It’s hard being a young princess without a kingdom or even a mother and a father.

It’s even harder for Cerys, because in addition to her other troubles, she was born mentally impaired. She lives her life in a perpetual fog of loss and regret, wishing more than anything to be like everyone else…to be normal.Then one day Cerys meets a new friend, one whose thoughts are as clear to her as speech, and she finds her own previously muddled thoughts growing clearer. It seems like a miracle to Cerys and the small circle of people who care for her, but she knows she can’t ever tell anyone the source of her incredible cure. In fact, she knows that if anyone found out her friend’s identity, it would surely lead to death for them both. Like Cerys, her new friend is not like anyone else in the world.“The Forgotten Princess of Môna” is the first of four books in “The Dragon’s Treasure” series.The author recommends an age of 14+, as “The Forgotten Princess of Môna” contains some coarse language and scenes of violence unsuitable for younger readers.

Or this three-parter by Andi Lawrencovna

Once upon a time, or so the story goes, there was a prince who threw a ball to find a wife. He was a young prince, and though he had no wish for a bride, he was honor bound to make the attempt to find one. Of course, Prince Kit knew that it was not just honor that bound him to the duty.

Prophesied or cursed, who could say, but since he was a babe, assassins and soldiers had come for him in the dead of night, in the middle of court, amidst the steps of a waltz, to end his life and with it end the lives of his people, the land he was meant to rule. A heavy burden for a young man to bear, worse for a prince kept cloistered for his own good. But a wife would give his people hope, so he danced with maiden after maiden, ball after ball, until he danced with her.

She came from out of the Darkness, a vision in a black dress and glass slippers, to join the throng for the prince’s celebration. The first night she hid a small vial filled with arsenic in the folds of her gown but it was knocked from her hand before she could upend it into his glass of champagne. The second night she brought a stiletto hilted in her garter that she never thought to draw and returned to her rooms un-blooded. The third night Eli ran from him, found her horse and fled back to the forest she came from, desperate to escape his charming smile and the emotions she refused to acknowledge in his gaze that seethed in her heart too. He gave chase, and what is an assassin meant to do when her prey hunts her down?One waltz at a ball. One trip of a slipper. One Prince. And one Assassin. Charming…simply, Charming. In the NeverLands, Fairy

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Your favorite princess

Mamaw Namid Reviews Belle, I've always felt an affinity to Beauty and the Beast. I can't explain why, it just hits a cord! Michelle Lilykoi Adams Princess Kaguya from 10th century Japanese folklore. She was found, as a baby, inside a glowing bamboo stalk. She’s a magical being that comes from the moon and eventually has to go back, leaving her earth parents heartbroken. The story is as sad as it is beautiful. Guy Donovan The Paper Bag Princess. I like my royalty on the more down-to-earth side. Princess Lea. Intelligent and a warrior too!👑💜😌 Rik Ty An interesting question to consider. I find the Disney princesses to be interchangeable, I enjoyed the Princess Bride, so want to say Buttercup, but she was passive. I find myself wondering "who was a princess, who took the job of being a princess seriously? Who had to take up some challenge to preserve her kingdom and forward her people?" I don't have enough fantasy reading to answer the question. The closest I can come up with is Queen Elizabeth in the first season of "The Crown". Hilary Anderson Princess Hyacinth in A A Milne's "Once on a Time" - really recommend book As to why, she takes her duties seriously, is kind, brave and waits for the right person to fall in love with. But she's not saccharine

Creating a princess

Most people who read about Ancient Egypt come across names of female rulers or princesses such as Cleopatra or Hatshepsut. These women lived in the Middle and New kingdoms of Egypt. Much less is known about an Old Kingdom princess who eventually ruled Egypt for two years perhaps as a regent and later as "king". She is depicted wearing royal regalia and women's clothing but a fake beard. Her name is Khentkaus or Khentkawes I. That's a sculpture of her on the right Her exact lineage is up for grabs and speculation. She was certainly educated and was likely in a position in the religious hierarchy. Her title would not have been prince and she would not have been called "queen". Her titles would have been "Daughter of the God" or "God's Wife", or "God's Bodily wife". Most believe she was the daughter of King Menkaure, even though the historian Herodotus states Menkaure's only daughter (unnamed) died young of suicide. Khentkawes outlived Menkaure, and at least two more kings. She was also mother of two kings. She was half-sister of the next king Shepseskaf and was his "wife" upon the death of her father, but bore him no children. She was also wife of the a priest who later became a king Userkaf or Wserkaf and bore him two sons who later became king: Sahure and Neferikare Kakai whose wife was also named Khentkawes. Confused? Just wait. She was possible regent for an unknown boy king called Thampetis who was Shepseskaf's son, mother uncertain, but that child faded and she ruled for a while, later ceding the rule to her husband Wserkaf.

some said she was Wserkaf's mother and his wife was Neferhetepes. Sometime scholars say Neferhetepes was Wserkaf's mother and Khentkawes was the wife of both he and Shepseskaf.

That's History - Now the Historical Fantasy

In my story, I made her the younger of two daughters of Menkaure. I nickname her Khentie. She was the fail-safe princess/queen as her brother was second in line for king, since he was only half royal.

By the way, the concept of marriage differed from ours in the modern era. It meant living in the same house, not necessarily having sex or producing offspring. There were plenty of concubines for that and often other spouses whose offspring could be designated as royal enough. In my stories, Khentie has two children by Wserkaf but has been barren for many years so it's not expected for her to give her brother one.

In Going Forth By Day, Book 2 she must deal with her husband Wserkaf's torment about Marai and the women. On the heels of that dilemma the king dies and she must deal with her own evolution and god/state marriage to her brother, including navigating kingdom politics and going on a quest to recover legendary items left by the gods before power-mad elder priest Count Hordjedtef finds them. Book 4 Heart of the Lotus shows that scene: Khentie excerpt.

A thrill-packed moment. Daughter of the God Khentkawes (who is no longer a princess by that time, as the king recently died) and her devoted first husband Wserkaf have found their way into a secret chamber with nine tombs and boxes behind a stone slab that opened with a combination of gestures. Wserkaf found an eons old flint box WHICH combined with the Children of Stone will…but Count Hordjedtef intends to get it…

“So it seems. We’ve had a success. I’m sending Her Majesty out first,” he answered. “I’m right behind her with the lamp. Is the way still lit with torches?

”“It is,” came the Great One’s answer, now sounding eager to see what emerged.

Wserkaf whispered to Khentie: “See if you can hide the wdjat better. When we come out, call for your attendants and then feign weariness and retire to your bed. Hide it while the priests gawk at the rest of the contents in the box,” he pecked her forehead and helped her climb up onto the flattened slab.

Then, he carefully straightened out the items inside so they looked less disturbed.The purring sensation from the slab began again as Khentie crawled over it.

Hmm. That noise again. Better hurry. Khentie trained her eyes on the puzzle door. Lights. Light is coming from the last chamber as if the gods have created it. The old man hasn’t reached us yet, she nodded and walked into the tomb chamber. She heard the gentle purring noise and snapped her head around.

“Wse, it’s starting to close!”The slab tilted up smoothly and unforgivingly. Wserkaf slipped as he darted for the opening. He caught himself and threw his hands up in the air

“The box! Catch it!” Wserkaf called from behind the righting slab.Khentie dove forward and grabbed the flint box, barely catching it.

She set it down, but in that instant the slab had almost closed. The last she saw of Wserkaf was his hands slipping off the top of the slab so they would not be crushed.

“No! I command you in the name of Hethara! Be open for him! Great Lady help him! Please!!” she cried.In the distance, she heard Hordjedtef’s voice.

“Your Majesty! Has something happened?” the man called into the chamber, sounding as if he was right by the puzzle door.

Hordjedtef, she thought. If you are working the spell that shut this thing – Khentie stared back at the closed slab in desperation. There must be something I can do!

She heard more voices now; a commotion growing nearer.The slab had slammed tight. The dust was still raining down on her head in the silent chamber. Khentie heard nothing from the other side, as if Wse had accepted his fate. She envisioned hours becoming days and then weeks of men with chisels trying to get into the room to save him only to find her husband’s dead and desiccated form on the other side of the slab

“Wse!” she pounded her fist into the hard surface in frustration, then placed her hand at the high handholds, then the low, but nothing happened. All remained silent. The shuffling behind her grew louder.

Hordjedtef. Closer. And I have this stupid medallion in my sash as if it was the rarest jewel in the universe. She felt ill and scared as the elder approached behind her. It is the rarest jewel, but not so rare as my beloved. She turned and saw the old man with two younger priests trailing him. Their faces were lined with horror.

“Wserkaf is trapped on the other side,” she pointed at the stone and bowed her head, aware she was allowing her emotion to show and not caring that she was absent of any regal bearing. She clearly heard the very thought from the old mentor that she hoped she would never hear: But you have the flint box, don’t you?

Kennedy Cast Out (Boston, an Urban Fantasy Book 3) Kindle Edition by Greg Alldredge (Author) 11-5-19

Catalyst Kindle Edition by Stephanie Barr (Author), Katryn Designs, Ryn (Illustrator) 11-5-19

The Gaia Solution (The Gaia Collection Book 3) Kindle Edition by Claire Buss (Author) 11/8/19

The Name Of The Bear Kindle Edition by Daryl J Ball (Author) 11/8/19

Haunted Manor: A Twisted Tales Anthology Kindle Edition by Kayla Krantz (Author), Chandra Trulove Fry (Author), A.S. Wilkes (Author), 11-8-19

Hood (a Hyllis family story #7) Kindle Edition by Laurence Dahners 11/9/19

Crimson Yuletide Kindle Edition by Rachel Ford (Author) 11/13/19

To Look the Devil in the Eye (The Broken Halos series Book 5) Kindle Edition

by Maya Daniels (Author) 11/13/19

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