All About making pretty good better. Revising the first book I published: Voices in Crystal

Why revise, some would say. My average star rating was 4.3 over 37 reviews and with the exception of a malicious early rating no one HATED the book. Some mentioned problems however. There were typos. In an effort to save money, I also hadn't edited the book. At the time I published it I really wasn't a serious fiction reader either. I read historical research and about mythology and culture, about spiritualism, but these pieces were non-fiction. Of fiction, my tastes ran to 1920's pulp fantasy like Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E Howard, early scifi like Jules Verne and even earlier works of Edgar Allan Poe. I also liked Evangeline Walton's Island of the Mighty series and had written a series in a similar vein. My writing style was very narrative and overly descriptive. My points of view shifted with each character's entry into the conversation. Along with a really great story I sprinkled long passages of historical setting information.

None of it was that bad. Most readers liked the story, but it never went far or wide. The following year I joined a writers group and went on to write Books 2 through 4. Feeling I had grown as a writer, I looked at the possibility of revising and re-releasing the book. This time it would be edited and include a map and glossary. It would have a new cover.

My son had designed the cover for Book 4 which included the symbol of the Flower of Life rising from a pyramid. I liked the idea of eventually redoing all of the covers to contain it. Thus the idea for the Cover of Book 1 came to me. In the story the vessel of the Children of Stone is described as

rainbow patterns inside and out that looked like shifting and almost breathing hexagonal flowers. The pattern I visualized seemed to suggest the Flower of Life so when I revised that scene I made the symbolism more evident. Last of all a map was included that showed the places and names mentioned in the book. If you haven't bought it yet the Book is only $.99 through November 17. When you buy it message me with your Amazon receipt. In early December I'll pick a winner who will receive a signed print copy and a handmade bookmark.

Now, if you already own an earlier version of the ebook, I'm working on a way for you to either get another copy of the newer one (Amazon won't sell you an update) or be entered in a drawing. I'm also trying to work out rewards for my overseas buyers too!

Keep following my pages! I'm so excited.

You'll also notice Ghostly Rites 2019 in the New Releases stack. I was happy to have my short story "The Changeling Princess" included. I wrote the story as a break from my Children of Stone Series and the short stories I had written that featured the characters time traveling or reincarnating in other time periods. I'd noticed many people like to read altered or re-told classic fairy tales. My two favorites Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are not so popular in the era of #metoo as they feature helpless women who must literally be assaulted while asleep (by a handsome prince) in order to wake them. What they do deal with - at least in Snow White is the effect of jealousy, rage, mirrors, mystics and dwarves. In the Changeling Princess, young 12 year old Princess Joy Snow-White wakens in 2019 in a Denver Colorado Hospital where she has been in a coma for over a year. The problem is, it's not her world.

She has wakened in the body of child television star Whitney Joy Snow child of famous television home renovators and doesn't understand why her father and stepmother only resemble the people at her bedside. She also doesn't know what a television is or what these odd devices people use that tell them things are. She can't find Missus Serrie her dwarven nanny who always taught her and told her things. The story of her search for truth unfolds. Will she wake from her sleep in the right world? Will it take a kiss? And what of the other princess whose place she took? Read "The Changeling Princess" in Ghostly Rites 2019


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Voices in Crystal (Children of Stone Book 1) Kindle Edition by Mary R. Woldering (Author) 11-2-19


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