National Reptile Day October 21, 2019

It's National Reptile Appreciation day. From the earliest days of Earth there have been reptiles and humans as latecomers to life on earth have been fascinated by the,, documenting some, telling tales and legends and inventing scenarios involving them and their often magical abilities.

Here's some History -

400 BC

The beginning of recording reptiles. The methodological study of reptiles dates back to the time of philosophers Aristotle and Pliny.


A prehistoric discovery was made. ​Traces of the oldest known reptile, called the Hylonomus lyelli, were discovered in a fossilized tree stump in Nova Scotia.


​Saving the Galapagos. Ecuador enacted the Galapagos Special law, to create the Galapagos Marine Reserve and protect the island wildlife (including the Galapagos Tortoise), manage fisheries, and inspect quarantine measures.

National Reptile Day Activities

Reacquaint yourself with reptiles

Spend some time holding and interacting with reptiles — perhaps at a pet shop — where snakes, frogs, or lizards are just a short car ride away.

Donate to a conservation program

Contribute to programs designated to protecting endangered species. Many reptiles are still hunted for their use in leather or to meet consumer demands. In several regions, this type of hunting is a big problem due to the role most reptiles play in their specific ecosystems.

Read about reptiles

Spend a day at the library researching and learning new things about reptiles. You may even find your future pet in the process.

​5 Quirks Only Reptiles Could Have

​The Fantastic Four

​There are four orders of species: the Crocodilia (crocodiles, alligators, etc.), the Tuatara (lizard-like), the Squamata, (includes lizards and snakes), and the Testudines (turtles, tortoises, and terrapins).

​Baby it's cold inside

​The majority of all reptiles are considered ectothermic, meaning they rely on their environments to regulate their internal body temperature, reproductive health, immune system functioning, and daily stamina.

​Larger than Life

One of the largest reptiles on record is the salt water crocodile, which can measure over twelve feet long and weigh more than a thousand pounds.

​Circle of life

​All reptiles play an important function in their ecosystem; for example, lizards control insects and pests in homes and gardens, while snakes keep rodents under control in urban life and in the countryside.


​The way reptiles adapt to their environments allows them to create defensive behaviors in fights, to reproduce, hunt for their food, or anticipate a dangerous situation.

Why We Love National Reptile Day

A time to love our pets

Reptile owners get a special day to appreciate their best friends every year with this holiday. This day allows us to treat our buddies and give some never-ending love and care!

A day to relax with some reps

For those of us who don’t own a reptile, but are curious, this holiday allows us to take time to observe them in their natural element. For those who are very nervous or scared of anything slithery, this is the perfect day to face those fears.

We expand our knowledge

Taking the time to learn about these different species allows us to appreciate the environment we both share. This day is perfect to teach children about animals and nature.


In modern times a dragon is seen as a mythological representation of a reptile. In ancient days, dragons were more serpent-like. In the Middle Ages, the began to be shown with legs and to resemble winged lizards.

In Ancient Egypt the god of chaos was Apep (called Apophis in Greek). Apep was a serpent trapped in the duat or Underworld and when the sun god Ra journeyed there in his solar boat at night he attempted to eat it of wrap it in darkness. Eventually some of the other gods: Set and Bast joined the struggle. Set wounded the serpent and Bast using a knife cut him in pieces. Evidently these efforts didn't defeat chaos, but held it at bay until the new day returned Ra to the day sky. At times when Apep swallowed the solar boat, an eclipse happened.

In Children of Stone the entity Ta-te represents a dual form of Ra/Apep - benevolent yet merciless -- trapped in a realm between the incarnate and ascended worlds seeking control of --- Oh, you'll have to read that to see. In each book of the series his presence increases virus-like to the stunning conclusion in the WIP The Lake of Memory hopefully released in late 2020 early 2021

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