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September 9


National Teddy Bear Day is observed annually on September 9th. We have all had a special cuddly teddy as a child. Some of us still have our teddy bear from our childhood. Whether or not you still have your childhood teddy, today is the perfect day to celebrate your childhood friend!In 1902, American President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear cub while hunting in Mississippi. This incident made national news. Clifford Berryman published a cartoon of the event in the Washington Post on November 16th, 1902. The caricature became an instant classic.This cartoon by Clifford Berryman’s published in a 1902 Washington Post inspired the Teddy bear.

The Berryman cartoon of Teddy Roosevelt and the cub inspired New York store owner Morris Michtom to create a new toy. Morris Michtom wrote President Roosevelt to ask permission to name the new toy a “Teddy Bear”.


Remember your teddy bear and use #NationalTeddyBearDay to post on social media

My Teddy.

I don't recall when he came into my life, but it must have been quite early. Here I am on my parents porch in Atlanta, GA - Georgia Tech married students housing.

I believe I'm about 18 months old. I've had teddy long enough that that day I decided he was dirty and gave him a bath. I believe he lasted until I was about 8, his white acrylic fur turned brown and worn at the seams from all those baths. Although I was 8 I still liked the bear. I had a 3 year old sister by that time whose bear was newer much bigger and brighter, but I was never jealous, even though the bear had lost a glass eye. It was on one of those fateful cross country trips in our woodie Nash Rambler. I don't know if we were moving or just going on a trip. The station wagon wasn't air conditioned and we weren't strapped into any child seat in those days. Ther windows were open wide. The only rule was no screaming or pestering my Dad. We could read of play auto games. We were counting cows and losing them at the next cemetery.

Suddenly, her small hands seized upon my bear and flung him out the window. No reason. She did it because she could. I broke the rule and screamed "Daddy go back! Peggy threw out my bear!"

No deal and no bear. If there is a heaven for old and much loved bears I think my bear went there and from time to time looks down - or maybe was reincarnated as my daughter's Woolie character from Teddy Ruxpin which she has to this day.

Books about bears

Kara Jorges reminds us to Look up Amberville by Tim Davys. It's an allegory with stuffed animals.

Speaking of bears, here's an author who writes a bear into a series. The series is Threadbare

An interview of Andrew Seiple!

What made you want to be a writer?

Writing has always been a method of stress relief for me. When I found out I could make a career of it, there was no looking back.

When is the release of your next novel? Name genre or if it’s part of a series. If your book is part of a series tell the readers about the others that are out for sale.

My next book, Blasphemy Online volume 1, should be out in a week or two. It's a litrpg high fantasy book, and part of the larger Generica Online world that encompasses two other series; Threadbare and Small Medium. All are part of a larger universe, much like the good Marvel movies are part of a greater MCU.

How important is it to read books when you want to be an author?

Extremely important. It's damn near impossible to write good books in a genre if you can't stand to read in the genre.

Do you remember the first book you read?

Yes. It was a kid's learning ABCs book. I don't recall much about it than that, and the art.

What book are you reading now?

A roleplaying game called “Never Going Home.”

How did you come up with the idea for the book or series, especially the title?

Originally it was going to be called Dragon Hack, and that's still the subtitle. But Blasphemy Online acts as both a warning and a hint of the overall plot.

Which character do you identify with most in your novel?

It's a toss-up. Rich is a poor kid with a good heart, who's stuck in a hellish environment. Rotgoriel is a baby dragon who comes across as an asshole, because all he knows is how dragons are supposed to deal with things, and the world is annoyingly way more complicated.

How much of the book is realistic and are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

Oh my goodness. Well, the book contains a vision of dystopian America gone horribly wrong, so hopefully this never comes to pass. Hopefully.

To craft your works, do you have to travel? Before or during the process?

No, not really. Though traveling makes for great vacations, which help me write more after I get back.

Tell us how the atmosphere needs to be for you to be able to write. Example, music on or quiet etc.

I don't really need much to write. Just to be left mostly alone, most days. Music can be good, but it's not necessary. Mainly it's there if my family gets too loud.

What is one goody you must have at your desk when you’re writing?

My cell phone, for easy distractions.

Which part of the publishing process do you detest most?

Editing. I HATE going over my own work. No matter how intently I scrutinize it, no matter how many beta readers or editors help, there's always mistakes.

What is the worst thing you’ve had to overcome before publishing your novel? IF it’s too personal just make a generalized statement if you can.

The fear that people are absolutely gonna hate this one and I'll die a pauper. Y'know, pretty much the same fear any creative type has to deal with in any project.

When you need some extra encouragement who do you turn to?

My wife. Love ya, boo.

How do you market your book?

Word of mouth, social media, and hope. I know eventually I need to move into more robust advertising methods, but it's difficult to figure out how best to spend money. Especially when bills are coming due...

Have readers ever contacted you? If so, tell us the best thing they’ve said to you.

All the time. I have an active facebook author's page, a blog on goodreads, and a presence on several genre forums. The best thing... without naming names or giving specifics, I had someone tell me once that reading one of my books helped them find their way out of a bad place. I've been to bad places before, I know them well. So hearing this made it all worthwhile.

Who do you trust to read your finished books before publication?

The online forum readers that I parcel my work out to, my Patreon readers, and my editor. Maybe a few other betas depending on the series.

Is there a message you’d like to send through your book?

Sometimes things are hard and bad and it's not your fault. Find someone to help you through it and cling to them, as they cling to you.

If your book was made into a film, who would you like to play the lead?

Rich should be an average overweight kid. Somewhere around 14-15.

Is there one person, past or present, you would love to meet? Why?

Stephen King. The dude's book taught me how to write. I owe him a fist bump at the very least, for that one.

Do you have any hobbies?

Roleplaying games, video games, hiking, reading, this that and a bunch of others...

What TV shows/films do you enjoy watching?

I don't watch much television anymore, don't have the time. I have enjoyed the recent renaissance in superhero movies... got quite a few on my “to-do” list.

Favorite foods

I make a damn tasty Chicken Cordon Bleu.

What’s your sign, lucky number.In Chinese?

Fire Dragon, born in a year of Fire. In the Zodiac? Sagittarius.

What’s your favorite color.


Imagine a future where you no longer write. What would you do?

Push up daisies. I'll be writing until the end of my life, at the very least.

You only have 24 hours to live how would you spend that time?

Typing like mad and making up a will.

What do you want written on your head stone?

There's a quote from Terry Pratchett: “It’s not worth doing something unless someone, somewhere, would much rather you weren’t doing it”

Are there any mistakes you made with your first book?

Plenty. I should have edited a bit better. And I should have self-published it sooner, instead of shopping it around to agents and racking up rejections.

What kind of advice can you give to other either aspiring authors?

Keep going and don't quit your day job too early. Or maybe at all, not everyone can make it work, and even the ones that do make it work can have bad years.

Tell us how we may get a copy of your book. (Kindle, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, paperback etc.)Amazon has the majority of my work. Some of it's available in other places, though.

Social media links and websites?




https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14175918.Andrew_Seiple Threadbare Volume 1: Stuff and Nonsense Kindle Edition by Andrew Seiple (Author), Amelia Parris (Illustrator), Beth Lyons (Editor) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078KGS4V4?

And his character Threadbare! 1. Go ahead and introduce yourself.

Hello there. My name is Threadbare. I'm a toy golem, and currently a Councilor of a land called Cylvania.

2.Tell us where and when were you born.

I was created about seven years ago, in the home of Caradon Gearhart. He was a golemist, you see. My first memories were of waking up on a shelf. After that things got rather troublesome, but it worked out in the end.

3. How would you describe yourself?

I'm twelve inches tall. Caradon used an old teddy bear to make me, so I'm brown and full of white stuffing. I have button eyes, and some lighter colored cloth around the pads of my hands and feet. Of course I have to wear clothes now since people look at you funny if you don't. I typically wear a dashing red jacket with a tall stovepipe hat. They're magical items I found in a dungeon.

4. Tell us about where you grew up.

I grew up in Caradon's home. His daughter Celia adopted me, and we had such adventures! Only for about a week, but it was a very good week. I had to grow up very fast, though, since bad things happened. Caradon's home was a very remote house back among some woods and hills. The country was a bit dangerous. I almost got carried away by a screaming eagle, once.

5. How old are you?

Oh, I'm seven years old. That's how golems count time, is from their creation, since we aren't technically born.

6. Did you have a happy childhood? Why/why not?

Much of it was very happy. I helped Celia, and she cuddled me all the time. We made new friends, and had great adventures, even if they were a bit scary now and again. Then everything changed. I lost her, and I had to find her again. But that's another story altogether...

7. Past/ present relationships? How did they affect you?

I have to say my relationship with my maker wasn't always the best. For most of my childhood Caradon thought I was a failed experiment. But I wasn't smart enough to understand that back then. Celia, though... Celia was my little girl. Still is. And that's all I need, really, is my little girl to hug me. Even if she's all grown up now, that's fine. There's also Pulsivar... he's a cat, and we didn't get along at first. But we sorted it out, and he's a great friend. I worry at times... he's getting on in years. I'm not sure how I will feel when he, well, stops. I imagine I will feel very, very sad.I have been fortunate enough to meet and befriend a lot of good people since then, but it would take days to tell you about them.

8. What do you value above all else in life? I would have to say that my travels and experiences have shown me that people are the most valuable thing in the world. Nations can rise and fall, land can change, riches can come and go but people are what make it all worthwhile. Without them, life is rather pointless. Hug your loved ones tightly, and never take them for granted.

9. What are you obsessed with?

I wouldn't call it an obsession, not really, but Missus Fluffbear tells me I tend to be a bit overboard about tea parties. Can't help it, really, I got into the habit when I was young and they help settle my mind even now.

10.How do your beliefs make life better for yourself and the people you care about?

I would like to think that caring most about people means that you treat them well, and help them out when they need it. That seems to be working for everyone so far. Well, mostly everyone. This councilor business is very tricky. Sometimes you can't make everyone happy. Sometimes people don't need to be happy, they need things that don't make them happy but won't admit it.

11. Biggest fear?

Losing Celia. I lost my little girl once, and it hurt very much. I don't know if I can go through that again.

12. What line will you never cross?

I've seen what happens when you put something above people... a nation, a principle, a dream, that sort of thing. What happens is that people end up being hurt. What happens is that the end never justifies the means. It's not about hard men making hard choices, that just makes the world harder. Sometimes you need to be a little squishy to make things work out for people.

13. What is the best thing that ever happened to you? The worst?

The best thing that ever happened to me was meeting Celia. The worst thing was losing Celia. Sorry, I thought we'd been over this...

14. Most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

You know, I can't think of much, to be honest. I don't embarrass very easily. There's quite a lot I don't know, and I don't mind asking questions or making honest mistakes. Mind you, sometimes I say something that makes Celia grab her face, or makes the flesh and blood people around me blush. It's all very tricky, really.

15. Biggest secret?

It's not something I like talking about. But... when I was first made, I was rather stupid. I didn't have the mind I do now. I managed to get loose from my restraints, I don't remember how, and I noticed another toy golem next to me. I tried to set him free.I didn't set him free. I accidentally pulled him apart.I destroyed him without knowing what I was doing.It's a thing I never told anyone, and I still don't remember it clearly, but even then I knew I'd done a bad thing, and I will never stop regretting it. And I've never told anyone else about it.That's my secret. It's not a good one, I'm afraid. But I can't change what I did. I would if I could.

16. What is the one word you would use to define yourself?


17. What is your current goal?

My current goal is to help Celia lead Cylvania, and recover from the long war. This isn't an easy task. In a way, it was much simpler when I was going through dungeons and fighting monsters. Although with all the border troubles, we may end up fighting monsters again very soon. Our scouts in the east are reporting a lot of dragon sightings...

Threadbare Volume 1: Stuff and Nonsense Kindle Editionby Andrew Seiple (Author), Amelia Parris (Illustrator), Beth Lyons (Editor) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078KGS4V4?

Stephanie Barr Has a book out.

Musings of a Nascent Poet

One of the musings is about a bear. the universal link ishttps://books2read.com/NascentPoet Anywhere but amazon is free. But you can get the kindle version on smashwords for free.

My stuff and the talents of many others. Meet my bid for a strong woman Miss Hattie. Dreamtime Damsels and Fatal Femmes drops on September 25. All proceeds are once again going to the Abington Ferret Refuge currently sheltering and caring for 60 fuzzy and lively creatures with the hope of re-homing each one.

Here's the link for preorder https://www.amazon.com/Dreamtime-Damsels-Fatal-Femmes-Anthology-ebook/dp/B07WFWSQ26/

Voices in Crystal - the re-boot is scheduled for October 31, the 6th anniversary of the first release. It's better writing, shorter chapters, less confusing action (head-hopping) but written in the same lyrical style without the offstage narrator. It's edited and has hopefully fewer typos or wonky grammar. It still has the cliff-hanger ending, but this time Books 2-4 are available to end the suspense. It has a glossary and a speculative pronunciation guide. If you read it once, read it again and see. If you haven't read it, start the journey! In the meantime, there's a Facebook takeover. As of this printing there are still two spots left! Join the fun with the link below and get ready for some prizes. https://www.facebook.com/events/651193448740260/

I've also signed up for 3 out of town events in 2020 where you can see me along with many of your favorite authors, get a signed hardcover copy and plenty of SWAG.

Next year's events. More details soon!

Ghostly Romance Anthology - Volume One Kindle Edition by Ghostly Writers (Author), Claire Plaisted (Author), M J Mallon (Author), Michael Lynes (Author), Karen J Mossman (Author), Cathy-Lee Chopping (Author), Mara Reitsma (Author), C A Keith (Author), C L Williams (Author), Dan McAteer (Author) 9/1/19https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07XDLKFLV/

Kennedy Awakens (Boston, an Urban Fantasy Book 1) Kindle Edition by Greg Alldredge (Author) 9-2-19


Auralina: Book Four of The Elemental Diaries Kindle Edition by Andrea B. Lamoureux (Author) 9-2-19


Shields in Shadow: An Epic Military Fantasy Novel (The Silent Champions Book 1) Kindle Edition by Andy Peloquin (Author) 9/3/19


Rovesciamento: Overthrown (New Blood Rising Book 2) Kindle Edition by Maya Daniels (Author) 9/4/19


Dawnspell (Bridge of Legends Book 2) Kindle Edition by Sarah K.L. Wilson (Author)9-6-19


Sloth (Surviving The Sins Book 7) Kindle Edition by C.A. King (Author) 9/9/19


We'll discuss Pot Pie Recipes as the weather grows cooler, and some projects I've been working on, More releases and Insights

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