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National Dog Day is an annual event celebrated on August 26.

National Dog Day was established in 2004 by animal advocate & pet and family lifestyle expert Coleen Paige.

The aim of the awareness day is to raise awareness about the number of dogs that are currently in resuce centres and encourage the adoption of these animals.

Sadly, each year, millions of dogs become homeless because they are unwanted or their owners are unable to care for them.

National Dog Day aims to encourage people to adopt dogs from shelters and rescue organizations.

If you already have a dog and don’t plan to adopt another one, you can celebrate it in other ways. For instance, you can volunteer at your local shelter, donate to animal welfare organizations, spend some quality time with your dog, buy your dog some treats or a new toy, etc. National Dog Day is about providing dogs with love, compassion, respect and protection they deserve .Every year, numerous events are held on the occasion of National Dog Day. The holiday is actively promoted in the social media.

A lot of additional information about the day and ideas for celebrating it can be found on its official website


A Girl and Her Dog: A Short Story Kindle Edition by Sherry Perkins (Author)

Other dogs we love - Laika - Guy Donovan

Kathy William's Mumford and Ziggy below

Tauna's dog ->

Andie's Samson

Now I've never been a dog person. In fact, I was terrified of dogs, even little and cute ones, until I was an adult. I'd been frightened by dogs off leashes many times as a child, and always ran. Later I realized that only encouraged them to chase and jump on me.

So when I began my spiritual studies, I was alarmed that the the most communicative "spook" was a shifter/wolf/dog with an (ahem!) magnetic personality. He was known as Raemkai and was something of a wisecracking Beetlejuice/werewolf sort who wormed his way into the stories and actually inspired me to take the story back to Egypt instead of Crete and make it 1000 years earlier.

I noticed the similarity to Anubis but he said it wasn't exactly Anubis.

The closer connection was to the warrior demi-god Wepwawet the Opener of the Way - guide of the King.

Eventually this separate god was blended with Anubis as--guide of the Dead King and finally one who watches over the Resurrection like a faithful dog. Here's a cute cartoon about the two gods.

Now for some excerpts. True to form the Maatkare Raemkai is first seen as an astral figure in animal form, snooping in on what his stately Grandfather Hordjedtef is doing. The elder is complaining to Marai about having to teach him and thinks the sojourner won't be teachable.

Voices in Crystal excerpt (watch for revised edition links coming soon!)

“But you are so full of passion that none could resist you. I have seen that passion takes a short, short road to a lust for power.” His lips pursed and his expression darkened. “It’s your lack of discipline that will undo you, I feel, as it has in others. That much I recognize. Even my own heir –” he stopped himself and listened to the air, then cracked a slight grin as if something else caught his attention.

Marai sensed it too. It began as the sound of a snuffling hound at his side. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the vague image of a small hunting dog, entirely black except for a grey, longer wolf tail and green-eyes.

Spirit Animal? he thought. Whose? It’s not his. Marai said nothing and masked that he had sensed it as the servants finished with their task.

“Ah. Good enough.” The elder smiled at the young men, who then left the open area.

Marai wanted to ask about the heir, wondering if he meant the inspector.

The inspector doesn’t have a wolfish character, though. It’s not a direct child either. He sensed a sting on his leg, but knew at once it hadn’t come from an insect. It seemed as if something had poked him with a sharp object. The image of a tiny warrior in the grass taking aim at his calf with its miniature bow and arrow took form.

We meet the character in Book 2 Going Forth By Day and realize his living form is a pompous and naughty princeling with an insatiable hunger for women. He weaves his way into our female characters lives (invited) but by Book 3, they are trying to escape him.

Opener of the Sky excerpt

Ari suddenly realized the prince was here on more than business. This was a centering and safe place for the disciples of Wepwawet who presented as a wolf/dog.

He must be from the wolf school with all his skill with a bow, the howling, the…Oh goddess…shape shifting that’s so fast no bones bend or skin stretches...he just is. I led us both to his safe space…He came here to cleanse himself? Our dinner host was his witness while we were cleaning up?

Ariennu sensed something wasn’t right in the tonality of the Children’s voices. Sounds like a man imitating…like…She tensed, all the hair on her arm rising as she heard the great wolf/dog’s panting approach to the opening of the chapel. The sound of his clawed feet tip-tapped on the hardened earth floor of the path. The panting merged into an evil titter; breathing in the dark; a faint growl that grew stronger and more threatening.

Push on if you must

Or stay

Or go this way

Either way leads to pain

You see, I know what they sound like,Your little friends

These voices in your crystal eye.

The black furred hand/paw touched her arm just before it faded into illusion.

“MaMa!” Naibe cried, panting. “He’s finding us. Hide!” Naibe ran around the stone box. This time she grabbed Ari and hid in her cloaking arms. The women clung to each other, wide-eyed and silent. Before the shroud of silence covered them, Ari saw the silhouette of a black wolf/dog thin like smoke.

In its place Ari thought she saw a gold armlet flashing in the slight available light of a distant torch.

Oh. He’s here? She hardened her resolve, crouching and ready to

fight.In the distance the women heard a faint scampering snapping, growling, yodel-howling, circling and finding the way.

They’re coming Ari. Dogs…He has power over dogs. He’s sending dogs.

Naibe grabbed Ariennu harder, as if it would help her gain more invisibility.

I know Baby, I know…the elder woman listened silently for a long time as the sounds circled, grew louder and finally paused outside the room where they had become the most confused.


Maatkare stood in the doorway, golden wrist and arm bands glimmering in ambient torchlight.

“I know what you tried to do.” He began to pace, trying to seem thoughtful “Maybe I would have done the same thing too if I had been in your situation. But now you’ve caused a good man to die because you outwitted him with your little trick.”

The sound of dogs growling grew louder.

His thought voice growled too, half human half dog as if he had become one of them. Easy brothers…he started, then spoke aloud

“Perhaps I should let them come at you. They are my trick, Red Sister. See if you like it.” Maatkare’s dark hand swept the air in front of him.

Ari sensed an almost-whisper.

Suddenly, black ravenous shadows emptied past him around his torso and over his shoulders; into the chamber pouncing, snarling and biting.

Ariennu felt herself knocked back hard by the weight of several animals standing around and towering over her. She shrieked angrily, struggling against their bodies.

“Call them off! Damn you!” she swung, kicked and shoved, but accomplished nothing.

“You’re afraid…tsk, tsk…fearless Lady Ariennu…worried by some puppies.”

“Am not…get them off me…”

“About to soil yourself, you naughty ka’t” he chortled, toeing the threshold and gesturing. “Just a very small sample of what I can do, if you come to annoy me.

”Puppies? Ari froze, her eyes clearing a little. The clawing and biting beasts had become gregarious, yipping puppies. They frolicked happily about her prone body then left, heading past the prince and out the doorway as they vanished. It had been a magnificent illusion.

Other places: Raemkai’s Stairs and Miss Hattie and the Hoppers (as Matt Kerry)

Raemkai’s Stairs is a short story set in the recent past and based on the legend of how he became a guide for a group of friends.

We find him as a ghost trapped by a witch in order to contain his power. He is now a wolf. His head rose from his crossed paws and his dark snout sniffed at the air.

Is that smoke? Is the house on fire? Did the wiring in this old place finally spark out? the wolf rose and padded around on the upper landing.

Then, looking down the stairs, he saw the wild-haired man slouched and warming his hands over a low, licking flame.

A discordant yowl rose from his weaving and rocking form:

A drunk broke in from the cold to warm his hands. I was only going to tease him for provoking my rest, but now the bastard gets the full visual for the fire.

Materializing from the head down, the wolf spirit slowly altered his shape. He became a red furred hellhound with oversized glowing green eyes and saber teeth. With a howling growl, he extended his clawed hands, seized the man’s ragged shoulders, lifted him high overhead and flung him to the floor beside the pile of smoldering papers.

“My house!” he shrieked. “My stairs! Put out the damned fire and get out!” he zipped around and lunged at the scrambling man who whimpered and swatted the flames with his hands.

As the sparks flew and died, the man kept screaming, kicked his empty liquor bottle, and ran.

Look at him go, pissing himself! But that’s the way it’s always been. He chortled as the man stumbled and then fell on the way out of the front door. The spirit of the red wolf followed as far as he could, then waited until the big old house grew quiet again.

There’ll be others. I just wish they came here more often, or that I could go with them when they leave. There’s so much out there; things waiting on me. The wolf resumed his normal black furred shape, but noticed white flakes floating by the windows.He scampered down on all fours to take a closer look, excited as a pup.

Snow. I remember snow. When it falls in a land where snow is rare, it’s as if magic is in the air. I have to try. I have to look out the windows at…The invisible barrier that stood in a wide semicircle just beyond the stairs stopped him with a sudden crash. True to his wolf/dog shape he growled, snapped, and leapt at it, fighting the insult of being trapped.

He knew once again that nothing had changed. He was never able to venture more than a few feet in any direction from its ornate wood and wrought iron staircase.It always happened. Some noise in the empty old house would rouse him, he would give chase, bark and howl, and then flatten his spirit body against the limit of his territory.

Even when he assumed the shape of a man or even a half man/half wolf he went no further.

He was always trapped.His first memory of the entrapment was of a calm darkness that gradually dawned into a grey place with light far at the end. Everything was warm and comfortable, as if he had come home to a place of rest and watchful waiting. As for being trapped, he accepted his limits, thinking it might be a final test of spirit that once passed, would allow him to move on.

As a trickster ghost, he provided a little excitement to any of the living who came to the aging mansion where he was detained. He amused himself by touching women’s arms or breasts as they went up the stairs, delighting in their shrieks. Sometimes he appeared as an outline of a human or wolf shape. At other times he placed small objects on the steps, so people would stumble, or he caused other things to float unnaturally from place to place.

Poltergeist was the word he heard mentioned; “noisy ghost”. To him, it was just something to break up the monotony of waiting for the next step.

The wolf spirit listened to people speak and learned from their conversations about politics, things happening in Memphis, Cotton Carnival, music, social upheavals, and most recently the killing of a man with the name of King. All the while, people moved in, stayed a while, and then left in fear or for other reasons. Over the years, everything dwindled and began to crumble.

And coming soon on September 25 another of his adventures. This time he travels with former enemy Djerah, now a designer/pilot of a time travelling flying boat. It's a steampunk era tale. He introduces himself to the main character Hattie:

“Matt Kerry. Traveling magician” the dark one gave me a curious salute, then added, pointing to his companion. “--and he is Jerry Ben Easy, engineer and inventor.” The man who had just named himself Matt answered as if he had heard my silent question.

The lighter man turned again, still looking amused, but tired.“We’ll take you to your house, and get you inside, but we must also beg shelter from you if you have—” he paused as if he couldn’t place a word, “barn or clean stable loft. We obviously cannot return to the town and seek lodging at that Inn.” he paused, expectant, then added. “Perhaps one night is all we will require.”

“What sort of work--” I felt woozy again, not entirely aware of what the man was asking. The name—Matt, as in Matthew Kerry? Irish? A rich colored man or Indian with an Irish sounding name? Jerry Ben Easy? Joke—never heard of a name like that. The sparkles and blurs returned.

“You see--” Matt spoke again, his voice becoming oddly gentle and calming “Look at you. Your lights will go out all over again until you let me take these tight things off.” His hand went forward to assist.

“Don’t you touch me.” I snapped. “No means no! I’ll be fine until I get to my house and then I will take my own clothing off…in another room, behind a locked door. In fact, should I let you in my yard you will both wait downstairs, outside on the porch.” I was panting heavily by that time and feeling worse because of it. My stomach ached. I couldn’t think of anything better than getting upstairs to my room, bolting the door and unfastening myself. After that, I wasn’t sure what I would do about strange men on the porch, one of whom was wearing an odd sky-colored device that resembled a big watch.

As Jerry neared the house and turned to drive into the stable, I noticed Mr. Kerry also wore something. The sight of it nearly finished me.

“You--” I freed myself and gripped my arms around my bosoms to shelter them from whatever dishonorable thing he intended to do. That was when I saw the gold medallion clearly. It bounced on his dark, lightly furred chest. In the center was a faceted red stone imbedded in an eight-pointed star.

“Another star, another clue! No!” I squeaked aloud and pointed at it, as “Jerry” hopped down and unhitched Mabel, then gently led her into her stall and fastened her stall door. His companions’ arms had returned to hold me in a loose embrace. I tried to keep my thoughts on my sister, but everything about the darker man seemed to be a seduction, as if his thoughts echoed.

Be with me. Enjoy us, sweet one.

What is it about this man? I’ve been embraced at socials, even kissed once or twice but always maintained my uprightness—I’m no easy—unless. Dear God, I read about this kind of man. An incubus? They aren’t real. They’re just an excuse hapless women use for having been foolish with a man. I refocused, emerging from the overwhelming sensation of delight.

“That star design, sir.” I touched the jewel, noticing it’s beckoning warmth and vibrance. “I-I’ve seen it earlier today on a key that was unmarked before, and before that on a letter from my sister and now on this jewel. Just tell me what it means. And why–” I winced, still cramping from the stomach ache and heat. “I know this is no chance meeting. You two must know something about my sister Catherine Anne.”

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