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National Aviation Day is August 19

Some scientific and technological marvels become so commonplace that we seldom take the time to re-examine their revolutionary impact with an open and inquisitive mind.

One such example is air transport. Think about it for a moment: In just a handful of generations, aviation went from pure, pie-in-the-sky speculation to a mundane reality that inspires about as much wonder as a trip aboard a Greyhound bus. It’s that ho-hum attitude to the miracle of flight that makes National Aviation Day such an excellent national observation. It takes place on August 19 — Orville Wright’s birthday! Let’s take a closer look.

National Aviation Day - History

December 17, 1903 Orville pilots a plane The Wright Brothers — with Orville at the helm and Wilbur making a final wing adjustment — completed the first sustained flight of a heavier-than-air aircraft on a spit of land four miles south of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

August 19, 1871 Brother Orville is born Orville Wright was born in Dayton, Ohio. His older brother, Wilbur, had been born in Millville, Indiana, on April 16, 1867.

1799 Cayley is the "father of aviation" Sir George Cayley, an English engineer, described the model for a modern airplane — a fixed-wing machine with lift, propulsion and control mechanisms.

9th Century AD An Andalusian takes flight. Abbas ibn Firnas is said to have covered himself with feathers, attached wings to his body and (according to Algerian historian Ahmed Mohammed al-Maqqari) "flew a considerable distance."

1st Century AD Chinese emperor. Legend has it that Chinese Emperor Wang Mang ordered a soldier to strap two wings to his back.

The soldier, covered in bird feathers, flew 100 meters.

National Aviation Day Activities

Take a trip to North Carolina. What better way to commemorate the achievements of the Wright brothers than by flying to North Carolina and visiting the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kill Devil Hills?

Build your own airplane. It doesn't have to be a real one, of course. You can build an airplane using Legos.

Or you can go for that old school-days standby — the paper plane.

Go "planespotting"! Gather with a group of friends where you can watch airplanes taking off and landing. Bring food if the spirit moves you — a "planespotting" picnic!

5 High-flying Facts About Aviation

It may seem like a lot of people are afraid to fly. Aviophobia afflicts only about 6.5 percent of the population. Maybe that's because so few have flown Worldwide, only about 5 percent of the population has been on an airplane.

The first U.S. president to fly in an airplane was the adventurous Theodore Roosevelt, who flew in a Wright Flyer on October 11, 1910. The Wright Brothers got their mechanical training as owners of a bicycle shop.Who needs an engine? A Boeing 747 without engine power can glide about two miles for every 1,000 feet or so that the plane is above the ground.

My own adventures in flight.

For a short time in the early 1970's My Dad flew and owned a small plane called a STOL Maule. At right is a more modern version of the plane. I never flew it myself, but I remember flying around storm clouds and essentially puddle jumping because the plane gobbled gas. Ultimately when the cost of gas soared in the mid 1970's the plane and leasing the plane became too expensive to maintain. We sold it, but the memories remained.

Why We Love National Aviation Day

We always choose the window seat

Yes, some of us still stare in wonder out the plane's window as we ponder something that seems delightfully impossible. We are, after all, sitting inside a giant flying machine, traveling many hundreds of miles per hour, thousands of feet above the landscape below. How can this be?

Space is the final frontier

Many of the mechanical, technological and scientific breakthroughs in space travel would be unthinkable without the advancements inspired by the Wright Brothers' original experiments on a sandy strip of North Carolina coastline.The proclamation is simple and beautiful

The National Aviation Day proclamation invites "the people of the United States to observe National Aviation Day with appropriate exercises to further stimulate interest in aviation in the United States."

Djerah's First Flight "Learning to Fly"

from Heart of the Lotus. This excerpt has a TON of spoilers and is racy enough for me to post it as 18+ --- so if sex and spoilers bother you--- The setting: Ariennu who would like to add young Djerah to her list of conquests decides to focus on energizing him while he attempts to adapt his rowboat and perhaps even make it fly. She gets a surprise. “Lie down, Ariennu,” Djerah suggested, “but leave room for me.”

“Oh Ho, listen to you now,” Ari teased. “See. You can smell my heat, eh?” she laughed, “but now you’ll flip this little boat over if we start.

”Not what you think, Djerah laughed inwardly, then positioned himself beside her.“I thought, with the help of this (the wdjat) thing I could fly this over to where Marai and the Akaru are and get them if they were ready to go,” he smiled.

A strand of gold hair fell into his eyes and glistened in the lamp light.

“Now that is such a pity,” Ariennu looked at him, finding his eyes. “Scared you away, didn’t I? I’m not asking to be your wife. It’s just for a good time and then we move on. Goddess ‘Shera’s sake, I have needs too and no telling when Marai will get back.”

“Ariennu, stop. I like you, but I came out here to work on the boat. Marai’ll be back soon enough.”

“Aww, no fun at all,” she continued, but by that time the stonecutter knew she was pretending her disappointment.

Djerah balanced the wdjat between the lashing of the extended pole where it crossed the bow, making sure it couldn’t slip and fall in the river. It glimmered, as if it was thinking about a possible solution.

He shivered in odd excitement when he felt wisp of wind tease his hair because the night had been dead calm and muggy before that instant.

“There –” Djerah took a deep breath in anticipation, then let it out, defeated. “Well, that wasn’t much.” Shutting his eyes and breathing calmly as he had seen Marai do on his trip up the river, he paddled the boat out a little further. He opened his eyes to briefly glance back at Ari lying seductively in the bottom of the boat.

A sudden lurch propelled the wooden craft forward and then it trembled as if the planking itself anticipated something marvelous.He glanced again and saw Ariennu’s eyes pop open with the next lurch. She grinned from ear to ear, sat, and threw her arms around Djerah’s shoulders.

“Here. Maybe if we both do it we can make it go faster. I see you’re trying the breathing energy. Marai showed me how to do that. Breathe with me,” she embraced him and calmly began to breathe with him. “Your heart is racing like a scared animal,” she whispered. “Slow it down… way down.”

Djerah tried, breathing in and out; each time slower and trying to match Ari’s breathing. A light-headed feeling made him want to collapse into her arms.She bent to him and kissed him very lightly.

“I…” he hesitated, thinking this was just another ploy of hers to seduce him. But do I want to refuse her? It seems almost right, even though Marai…

“Oh, you silly man. See the fire we build together? Amazing? Now feel the fire extending down into your el, how it twitches and wants to stand but is still frightened of me? Doesn’t matter. That’s good. Pull that fire from the red lotus point there in your loin, the seed that readies itself as you grow hard with want. Don’t let it come forth. Don’t release it. Draw its energy back in and through your body, up your back and through the top of the head.”

He felt as if he was floating in the midst of his extreme arousal. It had been quick and intense, but now frustrating.

What is this? Too much… I don’t want to… not here.

“Oh yes you do. It’s the Children. I guess no one ever told you they love pleasure and it makes them stronger. See? Breathe it out,” she whispered gently at his cheek, letting him know that his thoughts were no secret. “Make the power build. Make the light grow. Make the boat feel as light as you do. Rise up. Light, light, swift. She goes; light to you…” Ariennu’s naughty laugh whispered through her lips.

Light, light, swift

The voices burst like a myriad of singing whispers in their hearts.

“There. Hear that? Say it with them again ‘Light, light, swift’ and more quickly.” Light, light, swift

The oars snapped to attention and ripped themselves from Djerah’s hands so fast they made them burn. They mimicked the movement of rowing he had made and began to work the boat forward.

Light, light, swift,

light, light, swift

Djerah’s hands filled with a golden glow and moved the oars; barely touching them.The voices wove over each other, singing in jubilant harmony like a chorus of:

“The melek! Messengers of Yahweh!” Djerah cried out. “Savta Oora’s melek voices. Singing. I hear them in my head,” he gasped and his mouth stayed open in ecstasy. “Yes! Light, light, swift!” he felt as if he was rising up from the seat. Wind pushed hard against his closed eyes. He wanted to open them, but couldn’t.

“Goddess! You’re turning to solid gold and glowing. Djerah…” He heard Ariennu’s voice as if it was a league away.

Daring to crack one eye open he saw his own golden, glowing shoulder. It was only the beginning. Trying to keep relaxed he tried to sneakily slide and eye open to witness what was happening.

It is well

Witness the joy

The voices lulled and he opened his eyes to see a mysterious light arc from his own body and run along the outside edge of the pole. It moved through the Wdjat and out to the lashed edges, making them look like edges of a sword blade fashioned of lightning that was changing slowly into something more like legs. With each automatic stroke of the oar, the surrounding light became more brilliant, pushing the boat even faster.Light, light, swift the cadence shimmered in its insistent chorus.

Djerah sat up in wonder and heard Ariennu’s cackle of laughter rising beside him as the dark tree and cliff shapes on the shore flitted by faster and faster.The golden glow of the edge of the boat surrounded them like a pink and orange field that, to Djerah, resembled the way the inside of his eyelids looked when he faced the sun.

He heard a slight popping noise that sounded like a wax stopper being pried from a narrow-necked beer jar. The wind, which had nearly pressed him flat in the bottom of the boat, suddenly stopped as a sunrise colored glow surrounded the boat. Djerah saw this but realized he was powering this and was so deep in a trance that Ari had been right. He was glowing and golden all over. He saw her become more than a silent but encouraging witness. Her own rainbow patterns bounced from the wdjat and shimmered over her arms like ecstasy transformed into light.

“Beautiful!” he cried then remembered to cry out: “Light! Light! Swift!”The cross pole that balanced the boat to the outside planking and the new sapling pole had become fused to the front of the boat and surrounded in gold.Something new was forming from the ordinary boat. Extending from the pole on either side was a sheer membrane that resembled extended scarab wings. As soon as they were complete, they began to blur and hum like real insect wings. A scarab? A gold and metal scarab? he thought.

The wings adjusted and the pinkness surrounding it opened for a moment to show him where they were.Flying… and there below a burning village at night, lower flames almost done.Something startled him. It was the cry of a lioness that had merged with a woman’s scream and then ...become a lion scream again.

“Ta-Te! Ptah-t’a-tenen- amun. Return to me! Don’t leave your Deka!”

No. You are loved and will always be loved – by us. He is gone.

Djerah recognized a different thought-voice – Naibe. Baby?

Next, he heard Maatkare’s voice chime in, sulking.

There’s no point in any of this…

Djerah heard Ariennu’s faint voice in the background as well, yelling at him to dodge. Something bright struck the boat, followed by an angry shout from Marai.

"Hey! What are you doing?" The voices of Marai, Deka, Ariennu Maatkare, and oddly enough Naibe scrambled over each other in confusion and the boat began to drift down toward the land over which it sailed.

“Oh… No, no, no…” Djerah suffered. “Turn around, turn around and go home. Light, light, swift…”

The boat tipped and banked and Ariennu screamed before the pink encompassed the boat again. In moments, it sat in the water near Qustul Amani. Along the shore, crowds of people held lanterns and roared out cheers.

“I – I, did this? Really?” he fell to one side, exhilarated but exhausted.

He felt the rush of excitement as his heart sped up and began to pound. Ariennu’s gentle, but skilled hands worked his heaving, sweat soaked shoulders, bringing him to full rest. His eyes filled with sweat and happy tears made it almost impossible to see more than lights and shouts along the river. When he turned over and mopped his eyes enough to see, he caught Ariennu’s expression of pride.

“See. See. Your power…” She chirped proudly as if she had watched a child take its first steps. She laughed, threw her arms around his shoulders, tousled his hair, and kissed his face; excited beyond words.

“I just wanted to go faster,” he panted, still winded from exertions which had been hidden and mental during the effort but had exhausted him as much as if he had personally sprouted wings and carried the boat on his shoulders. “I had no idea it would really fly.” He crawled to the edge of the boat and looked for the gold-boned wings that had powered it. They were still there.

Neil Gaiman once said: "I like stories where women save themselves."

Asked to work with this as guideline, sixteen authors from Canada, the UK, the USA, Ireland, and The Netherlands contributed sixteen stories about strong women, dangerous women, witty women, resourceful women, and most of all realistic women. The stories range from general fantasy to high fantasy to sci-fi to steampunk to horror. No swooning, no male saviors, and only one token chain mail bikini (and that one is a riot!).

Dreamtime Fantasy Tales authors are proud of our final result and sincerely hope you'll enjoy each and every page.All proceeds of this anthology have been pledged to an animal rescue shelter which we chose knowing that each and every penny raised will benefit the animals, and not a highly-paid CEO.

Contributors: Content Editors: Hilary Anderson, Jaq D. Hawkins, Morgan Smith, Guy Donovan, Nils Visser Cover Art: Guy Donovan Marketing & PR: Leslie Conzatti, Mary R. Woldering, Penny Blake Authors: A.M. Young, Guy Donovan, Nimue Brown, Penny Blake, Jaq D. Hawkins, Paul Michael, Leslie Conzatti, Mary R. Woldering, Thomas Woldering, Benjamin Towe, Nils Visser, Greg Alldredge, Johan Klein Haneveld, Marc vun Kannon, Morgan Smith, and Nav Logan.

The loneliness of a diner on a vast stretch of highway in the middle of the night. The peculiar paradox of endangering those around you with a frustrating lack of skill. The strength that comes from choosing one’s people and claiming one’s territory, and the willingness to defend it from any who threaten its safety. Women who know. Women who observe. Women who fight. These are the Dangerous Damsels and Fatal Femmes. These are their stories. Read them well. RELEASING September 25. Available for preorder NOW!

https://www.amazon.com/Dreamtime-Damsels-Fatal-Femmes-Anthology-ebook/dp/B07WFWSQ26/ Guy Donovan's Character as see in the Anthology Above 1. Go ahead and introduce yourself.

My name is Lash. Why am I here? Did you capture me? You look like one of those insipid humans who obsess over wealth and underwear.

2.Umm…thank you, I guess. I invited you here. Don’t you remember? Never mind. I have a nice snack tray, if you would like some crackers and cheese maybe. No? How about telling us where and when you were born.

If I do, will you release me? Very well then. I have no idea when I was born, but it was to a fae clan I have since sworn to destroy. I don’t suppose you care about that though, do you? You probably only wish to see me in something lacy and revealing.

3. Good Lord no! How about explaining what fae are? Can you do that?

The fae are the scourge of all Faerie. They dominate all in it, especially we of goblinkind who resist their forced uniformity of mind and body. They demand that all be as they are, rather than as individuals with their own natures. They mold…they twist…they force their treacle of golden light, butterflies, sugar and roses upon any who dare to prefer darkness, bats, mold and decay!

4. Mm-hmm. And what, pray, is this “Faerie”? It is a world apart from this one.

My world. A magical world of eternal twilight.

5. I don’t suppose I can get there by airplane, can I?

<snorts> Of course not, human. Only an adept can cross the distance between our realities, or send another who is herself powerless.

6. Is that how you got here? By…umm, magic?

Of course. I have visited your Earth many times before under my own powers as an adept of goblin magic.

7. That’s nice. Why though? Wait…no, let me guess. I suppose you want to, I don’t know, see the sights?

I came to steal from you the one thing your weak kind excel at, you worthless inquisitor! I came for your weapons!

8. But I don’t have any—

Your guns! Your bombs! Your artillery shells and hand grenades and rockets and nerve gas! Many times have I come here to pilfer your instruments of death that I may take back to Faerie and use against the fae.

9. Oh. I see. Well, I suppose that’s nice and all, but wouldn’t you rather just see the Grand Canyon? It’s really quite impressive. Perhaps the Eiffel Tower, or…I don’t know…Stonehenge?

<spits on floor> No. I exist to free goblinkind from the yoke of fae superiority. Once I acquire my final and most treasured death bauble from you pathetic, panty-worshipping endoskeletals, I shall deliver it to my associate outcasts in Hollywood. Then those pompous golden-haired oppressors will be brought to their knees! Afterwards, I may perhaps also return.

10. Hollywood?

<shrugs> Sure. Why not? I notice you have sort of a thing for underwear yourself. Why? No. That, I will not answer.

11. Why not?

<cackles> A girl has to have some secrets, don’t you think?

12. Fine. Is there anything else you would like to say before you leave—I mean, before I release you?

Yes. <points to the snack tray> Can I have that knife?

13. <facepalms> Sure. Fine. Whatever. Just get out.




As part of the Anthology Promo each author was asked to write up to 20 Facts about the journey of writing the particular story

Here's Hattie's evolution (and mine)

1. Hattie started out as an unfinished story of a young woman from Tennessee who got involved with a a mixed race man named Benjamin who was involved in sorcery.

2. The story was written in fragments only in the mid 1970’s. Ultimately Hattie, in the written part, she heads West to new adventures. The idea and any work on it went dormant.

3. I’ve always loved the Appalachian Mountains even as a child. I was born there but never actually lived there after age 18 months. I wrote several stories set in those mountains. One was “Virgo Boy”, about an orphan boy raised by women on an island in the mountains. It was never published but is now gaining some further development in the mythos character Dio - AKA Dionysus in some of the Black Rose Online story group with Mark McQuillen and Davina Purnell.

4. One was “Last Stop Neva Land” a romance about a model recovering from a bad breakup in her recent past who has taken the train to the Last Stop. I later discovered that there is an unincorporated place called Neva, TN. I blame a lot of early Twilight Zone episodes for this one.

5. This story involves a Brigadoon-like or High Elf world where people die but on burial, rise in another world of immortals.

6. My parents last home was in Piney Flats, TN where my father built two houses on a property by the river. A nearby town was historical Blountville, near the homes of Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett. A battle was fought there in the Civil war and there’s an Inn which used to be a coach stop, and is now a tourist destination. 7. Best of all there are Appalachian Caverns known for quartz and quartzite as well as manganese.

8. After I inherited the property I spent a lot of time there on vacation there inventorying their things. Later my son Thomas (also an author in this Anthology) moved there and improved the property for about 3 years before he married and moved west.

9.In about 2016 my local writer’s group challenged us to write out of Genre. No one was writing steampunk and no one was writing crime. We would write Steampunk crime for an anthology.

10. I remembered my Hattie idea and thought it could be reorganized into a steampunk crime. I was the only one who responded to the project, so it went away.

11. While I was deep in the writing of my Children of Stone series, I realized I wanted to write time travel and spinoffs of thaT series. My characters, being very bright and semi immortal, might have gone on time journeys after the events of the series.

12. I hatched the idea. It was a little bit “Bill and Ted” in concept and a tiniest bit “Dr. Who” Take two characters who started out hating each other in the series and throw in about four thousand years during which they’ve begun to not only tolerate each other but are almost friendly time-travelling companions.

13. Djerah bin Esai in the series is youthful and foolish sidekick (and great grand nephew of Marai) He’s an now an engineer and a bright mind, but still scarred by the loss of his family and reluctant to settle down millennia later. Maatkare Raemkai is everyone’s favorite shape-shifting bad boy warrior and sorcerer-prince with an incubus' desire for females.

14. Why they travel together has to do with something that happens in the yet-to-be published final book of the series Lake of Memory

15. Hattie has now become a schoolteacher rather than an adventuress. The picture above is of the Blountville, TN School and becomes the setting for the start of the story. Why a teacher? (In 1876 few opportunities existed for educated women of high moral character who had not snagged a husband by age 25 – especially in a rural community. She’s 26)

Like the original Hattie, she longs for adventure and to solve the mystery of her sister Caddie’s murder, though no body was ever found.

16. She escapes her boring life by obsessively reading Jules Verne stories in the original french journal and practicing lucid dreaming to find Caddie. 17. When two mysterious gentlemen arrive, they are immediately shunned as either Yankees or foreigners or something subversive. 18. They meet up briefly at that moment and then later to discover their lives DO cross. AND THE STORY BEGINS

In Mid August these works were released

Magister's Bane: Book 1 (Call of the Elements) Kindle Edition by Yvette Bostic (Author) 8-13-19https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07V261CSV/

Extinction Shadow (Extinction Cycle: Dark Age Book 1) Kindle Edition

by Nicholas Sansbury Smith (Author), Anthony J. Melchiorri (Author), DJ Molles (Foreword)


Encounter with the Devil (The Broken Halos series Book 3) Kindle Edition

by Maya Daniels (Author) 8-14-19 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07T1FC9Y9/

Gullible's Travels & Taxing Rabble (Time Travelling Taxman Book 6) Kindle Edition

by Rachel Ford (Author) 8-15-19 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07SD8S39Z/

A Silver Wedding: Matt and Lilly: The Macconwood Pack Tales 7 Kindle Edition

by C.D. Gorri (Author) 8-17-19 https://outlook.live.com/mail/inbox

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