Heart of the Lotus 

Book Four of the tales of the Children of Stone

ISBN 13: 978-1985240704

"When the death of a man come near him

The summation of what he has doneyesterday is made

He will be buried as one who is despised

in the city of the dead"

---From the "Instructions of Hordjedtef" of the Wisdom Texts

     As Marai makes plans to return to Ineb Hedj, he knows not all is settled. Old and new foes position themselves, each seeking control of the Children of Stone. New allies find strength and wisdom from beyond the stars, while older foes emerge from that which is hidden. Each destiny destiny interacts and becomes a lotus petal in the Flower of Life.


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Ana's Dream of Flying

ISBN-13: 979-8649896672

Ana, a young girl in Tennessee in the 1960's, discovers the truth about her art, it's connection to other realms. Something from beyond Earth is watching her as it searches for the pieces of her shattered soul. Tonight, when she thinks she is dreaming, it will take her flying, to remind her of the time when they were Gods.

Originally published in Dreamtime Dragons - Dreamtime Fantasy Tales 2017

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Dreamtime Dragons  - Anthology

ISBN-13: 978-9082323887


Stories, drabbles and sample chapters; the Dreamtime dragon authors are a collective of storytellers brought together by their love of Fantasy in all it's guises. Travel the Wyrde Woods with a giant wyrm or defend a pod of humpback whales with a dragon, explore the deepest goblin caverns, search for a dragon egg in the midst of a Viking raid or in a post-apocalyptic city where five gold coins is the price for the prize you seek!  - 19 dragon stories by 12 international Authors including "Ana's Dream of Flying" by Mary R. Woldering