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Voices in Crystal

Book One of the Tales of the Children of Stone


"We are children made of stone

Tiny voices are as grains of sand

Come to us, Marai

Man of Ai

Man of the sand"


A shepherd named Marai discovers a "fallen star".  What he finds inside changes him forever: The Children of Stone. They came from another realm in the form of crystals and gemstones, each possessing powers beyond human comprehension. The shepherd, in gratitude thinking they are of his goddess, undertakes a journey to the City of the King in Ancient Egypt. He will take these "Children" to the safekeeping of priests and scholars living there.

A young prince learns of this. Feeling slighted, he begins a lifelong quest to control tgheChildren of Stone or to destroy the shepherd and those he loves.

Going Forth by Day

Book Two of the Tales of the Children of Stone


Shu lifts me up,

the Souls of On set up a stairway for me in order to reach the Above

and Nut puts her hand on me

just as she did for Asar on the day when he died

...Pyramid Texts, inscribed on the walls pf King Unas tomb 5th dynasty c. 2345 BC

     Marai, a simple shepherd transformed by the Children of Stone and  sent on a mission to Ancient Egypt (Kemet) has been separated from those he loves by the priests from whom he sought knowledge. His companions Ariennu, Deka and Naibe-Ellit must go on without him. Join these women on their journey to wisdom as they independently grow to understand their own powers. New alliances will form, loyalties will shift and the comfortable lives of some will be shaken to the core.

And what of Marai? Is he finished or will he rise up, as a god and Go Forth by Day?

Opener of the Sky

Book Three of the Tales of the Children of Stone


I had grown fierce and hard
Thrilled by death, torture, blood
the madness of it when I tasted its warm saltiness
A warrior god.

... from the poem Howl by Mary R. Woldering - as told by Raemkai 2012


     Marai, begins a desperate mission to Ta-Seti, but the spectre of wickedness and corruption is never far behind. His journey to wisdom becomes even more uncertain. 
      Opener Of The Sky, is the story of Marai's magical search for them. It is also the story of Maatkare Raemkai, a sadistic, shape-changing warrior-prince whose twisted relationships once propelled him into power and then nearly destroyed him. Through sorcerous manipulation of the women Marai loves, he has planned his own return to power. The shepherd turned sojourner is just in the way.  Will Marai be too late to save those he loves or will he have his victory?